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it took a village

At Joe's doctor's appointment today, he finally got past his birth weight. This was the first appointment we have gone to in which the doctor was thoroughly satisfied with Joe's growth.

It's been a long three weeks. But today I felt such relief in hearing that weight, in knowing he's grown an inch and a half (btw, that should not be allowed. who is he trying to compete with? his Uncle Andrew?). It made all the hard work worth it.

But it wasn't my work alone. Robert has stayed up late when he had early meetings, giving Joe his extra feedings. Robert held me when I cried, thinking I could not produce enough milk to feed my baby.

My mom got up around the clock with me Joe's first few days, helping me feed him constantly, giving me a chance to pump. She also ran our errands, cleaned our house, and kept me going.

A small group from church filled my house with snacks. I mean filled. I came home to a huge pile of every snack food you can imagine.

Our church brough…