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i've lost the TV remote

not kidding. i don't even know where it is right now. Robert is going to be mad if i've left the tv on all day because i can't find the remote.

anyway. that's not what this post is about.

If you know me well, you know my not-so-quiet disdain for Mark Driscoll.
My small group at church won't even say his name because they know they will be in for an hour long discussion of my issues regarding him and his practices.

"He's your brother in Christ, Chrissy. Don't judge him. Love him"
"He's reaching so many people, and people the church wouldn't normally catch. Isn't that honoring to God?"
"That's just Biblical teaching. Of course you aren't going to like it {you crazy liberal, you}."

I have heard these things over and over and over, but I never really shut up about it. When I found out I was pregnant, and pregnant with a boy, to say my hea…

6 months

We have officially kept Joe alive for half a year.
Go team!

Joe loves music.
Joe loves his feet.Joe loves the dog. Joe loves his Ferrari.
Joe loves moving - wiggling, bouncing, walking, car rides.
Joe loves playing with his momma, daddy... or anyone. Joe loves that everyone loves him... but he does love everyone back.
Joe is a happy, lively, energetic, attention-loving little guy.
We love him so.


for Michelle

Be ready in season and out of season.
I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race.
I have kept the faith.
{from 2 Timothy 4}

Our pastor preached on this passage this Sunday. At one point, he spoke about the verses just before this, about preaching the word, and how some times preaching the truth upsets people, and they may send you a mean email. They may accuse you of calling them out, speaking directly to them, when in fact, as a pastor, you have no clue who your message will impact in what way.

Then he moved on to the passage above. He said, "If you are in a place this morning where you are tired and feel like giving up on Christianity, keep fighting. You have to finish the race well, you have to keep the faith." (well, I am paraphrasing. I am sure what he actually said was more articulate and interesting than that)... and I felt like he was talking to me. (don't worry, no mean emails will be sent)

If you had asked me before the service that morning if I felt like…

working it out

I remember the old me. The me that would run 4 miles without blinking. The one who did HIT workouts daily.

What happened?

I'm going to say it, and hold on before you get all angry with me: pregnancy ruined my body.

I was so, so, SO sick while pregnant. I would just lie on the couch, waiting to throw up. Some times I could manage to walk, a little. I had already enrolled in one dance exercise class before I got pregnant and fought to finish those 12 weeks.

I really could not move while pregnant. Next time you have the flu, go for a jog and let me know how that goes.

To make matters worse, the only foods I could eat tended to be the worst things possible: potato chips and French fries were often on the list. To make this even worse, if I let my stomach get too empty, I was in deep, deep trouble. Our church small group can attest to the amount of Sweetarts I consumed. I can't even look at one now. *Shudder*

So there I sat, on the couch, drinking lemonade, eating potato chips one …

cleaning it out

as i start to clear through and clean stuff out, as we prepare to move, i find myself asking over and over again...

why do we have this?

we have so. much. stuff.

i am 100% disgusted with my own materialism, my own belief that this stuff was worth our money when there are people in need. people who don't eat dinner. children who don't have diapers or formula. people who struggle to have a home.

and i have 3 coffee makers.


we need to downsize. right now. i'm not doing this anymore. i am not believing this lie any longer. i am not packing this stuff up and moving it. it's not worth my time to pack and unpack. it's not worth my time to keep up with this house. it's not worth our money to pay for a mortgage for a house much bigger than we need.

i feel almost sick looking around here. we have to change. we have to change for joe. we have to change for those people in need.

anyone else doing a clean out, both spiritually, physically, emotionally right now?

what's working: June & July

Sleep. Joe has been doing better at nights (though we still get up, don't be fooled). It's amazing how much a few hours of consistent sleep can change your life.

Family. In the wake of the sudden loss of Robert's dad, all of his siblings and their families came to town. It was such a comfort to be together. It was so fun to watch Joe interact with his aunts, uncles, and cousin. Seeing them all together, it may or may not have convinced this hyperemsis momma to consider giving Joe a sibling... one day. Via adoption.

Food. Our house got flooded with food & alcohol (we have good friends). I've been cooking and baking. A hot dinner can go a long way.

Letting go. I feel like I will always view Joe's first year of life as before Don died and after Don died. After Don died, I stopped caring. I don't care about naps, a schedule, sleep props, breastfeeding, or anything. I make Joe eat much as possible and try to help him sleep when I know he needs to sleep…

We were feeling bored?

You may (or may not) have heard that we decided to list our house for sale.

There's a lot of reasons why, and a lot of them are kind of complicated to explain. In case you were worried, we are fine. Robert's job is fine. On the financial end, seeing what our floor plan is being built for (much more than we paid) was a big motivating factor, but we don't want anyone to think we are in trouble or anything like that - we're fine.

We realize moving with a baby is sort of a stupid idea. Why would we do it? I don't know. We were feeling bored, maybe? JUST KIDDING. The truth is, Joe isn't the only baby in the world, and while Joe is loved and cared for, there are plenty of babies and people who need our help. Help we could give to them instead of our mortgage payment.

We love our house. We know everyone who knows us knows that we love our house. People who have stayed with us or lived with us love our house. We definitely pictured ourselves living here a long time. Bu…