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a boy and the water

While it's no secret that (one day, when they cure severe morning sickness) we would like more children, I am sorta loving the just having one stage.

I can do things like take my one year old to the beach. Friends, keeping up with a crazy toddler at the beach is no joke, and if I had a baby or another kid under the age of, like, 6, it would not be happening.

So I took Joe to our small, dinky, very-Indiana beach. What it lacks in views (seriously, you are looking at a highway, townhouse construction, and a hospital... so I guess it may not be that hard to pretend it's California), it makes up for in accessibility and in our son's joy of being there.

Joe loves the water (he always has).
Joe did a Baywatch reenactment the first time we took him to the beach. Full force, unbridled, he ran straight to the shore and dove face-first into the water.

He giggles and giggles as he splashes. He digs and digs in the "sand". He runs around. The sun makes his hair more strawber…