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what's working: new momma edition

A fellow blogger friend of mine does a super sweet blog segment called "what's working" each month. She includes cute pictures.

I'm not that organized, but I love the idea - so here's our "what's working: March 2014".

This one is dedicated to all my momma-to-be-friends.

Gatorade. I got a stomach bug last week, and the only things that would stay down where Gatorade and Sprite. Guess what? Gatorade almost doubled what I can pump when I have to. That's a big win.

Books. The Baby Whisperer, Baby Wise, Bringing up Bebe. These are my go-to's as I navigate being a new momma. Joe has been to our library many, many times in his young life.

Buying in bulk. It's not easy getting out with an infant. I buy doubles of a lot of things: gas drops, diapers, etc. I buy snacks at Costco (I snack a lot while nursing). I know individual packs are wasteful, but they are so handy to stash around the house and in our diaper bag.

The boppy. Joe loves being propped …

sweet joe.

These two words are how we describe our 6 week old son:

sweet joe.

When I was feeling like I was on the verge of death while pregnant, a fellow HG survivor friend repeated this mantra to me: Tough pregnancy, easy baby.

Not a chance in my never-a-dull-moment world, I thought.

Friends, I hate even to type this... we have the sweetest, easiest baby ever.

We are very, very blessed.

See this serene picture? I know, parents all over the US fight for this achievement, a passed out infant. What did I do? Swaddeled him up, stuck in his paci, turned on some music, turned on the ceiling fan, and hopped into the shower. Watching the fan amused Joe until he passed out.

People ask me how Joe sleeps. "Like his father." I respond - like a rock. He's slept through the night a couple of times.
People ask me if he sleeps in his own room yet. "He's never spent a night in ours. He prefers his crib." I say, and I am given looks of total shock. I finally moved the pack-n-play out …