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i hate lasts.
last night in our house.
i brought my first baby home to this house.
so many things have happened to us here.

change is never easy, friends.

when i feel that knot in my stomach rise up and catch myself holding my breath, i force my abdomen to relax. "breathe", i remind myself. the shutting of the door is hard, the few steps forward to the new one is always the hardest part. usually, once we're there, it's ok.

we just have to take those steps.

i spoke last year at our women's retreat.
the past isn't bad, i recounted to my fellow sisters, but if we hold onto it and wrap our hands around it until our knuckles turn white, it becomes an idol. if we don't let go, it will get in the way of our worship.

God only calls us forward.

while i don't have all the pieces to the big picture of what's next for us, i know this is my next step. i can slip this piece into that puzzle confidently. even though there's still that knot in my stomach.

i h…