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We went to a ball. For real.

What? You didn't go to a black tie, mad-hatter themed fundraiser for an art foundation this weekend?

Welcome, once again, to my life.

A big thanks to SWC for the tickets, and a bigger thanks to our awesome, dance-animal guests -- our friends, Jen & Kiel. Their "costume" theme was queen of hearts, and they looked adorable, trust me.

My goal was to get this teacup in my hair for my costume. It worked! This is post-dnace party, so it's a little messy, but it held up great!

This is Robert, pretending like he's going to get away with not facing forward for a photo. He looks great in a tux, right?

Just more dull moments.

Too. busy. SIGH. Will April end already? It's been a great month, but just too crazy!
Here's what happening in our life:

+Our church is doing an awesome sermon series right now. It's called "What does God say about ___ ?" You should listen, like, even if you don't go to our church.  Even if you want to disagree - it's a good thinking / discussion series. ( Last week's sermon on forgiveness was really good.

+In March, I went to my good friend's wedding in Boston. I had the honor of being her matron-of-honor (and sounding like I'm a hundred years old by having to be a "matron"). I also had the pleasure of staying with some other friends of mine. It was a blast.

+We went to San Diego in April. It was also fun. I was lame and took no pictures, but it was fun to get to know some of Robert's friends and their friends.

+Nephew had his fourth birthday. Four, people!!! Four years ago, I moved to Ind…

This is how we roll

I hope you had a wonderful Easter, we did!

Here are the cupcakes I made for Abram and Jane. Well, cupcakes were shared with lots of people, but only A&J and their little cousins got the bunnies. They are really difficult because the ears are marshmallows, but they LOVE them. It's once a year, so I'll deal with the sticky.

Also, we are headed to San Diego this weekend. SO excited. It's been a rough couple of weeks around here, both in good and bad ways. Our April is jammed full of wonderful things, but that hasn't stopped more difficult things from happening. No dull moments, right? San Diego will be nice.

I was PSYCHED to find a new tankini swimsuit that I loved at Old Navy for $10 a piece (that is unheard of guys, in case you don't know. The last swimsuit I found that I liked was about $100. I didn't buy it.). I also successfully altered my cutest one piece so the straps now fit and keep the suit on (a good thing, right?). I am so glad that I learned some …

The party

If you have been to our new house, you have probably thought, "What do they do with all this space?"

Honestly, most days, we ignore a good portion of it. But that's not why we bought our house, to ignore it.

We bought it because it was the kind of home we could live in no matter what, a home we could open up to those around us. The kind of home in which we could, say, throw a catered party for 30.

And that's exactly what we did last weekend. We hosted a party for a friend's 30th birthday, a surprise put together by her husband and several of her devoted friends. Our normally bare, quiet house was transformed into a venue.

It was awesome!!!!

We had so much fun -- great food, fantastic company, a dance party, a talent show, and even a few {happy} tears.

And I thought, "Lord, fill our years here with nights like these."

Nights in which total strangers show up to our house and become friends. Nights where we share every inch of ourselves with those around us.…