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the name

A friend of mine recently posted about how they picked their daughter's name, and I love hearing name stories, so I thought I would share ours.

You get pregnant. You anticipate finding out out boy/girl. You get excited to pick a name.

Then you spend 9 months arguing with your spouse about what name sounds good or bad, old person-ish, irrelevant, or just plain stupid. You will wonder how you married a person with such terrible taste in names. 

That's the story of Joe's name. Getting Robert to think of names, discuss names, or consider names was like pulling teeth. So I approached the subject with a lack of enthusiasm one December evening on our way to a Christmas party. 

"What about Joseph?" He said, out of nowhere. 
I just about fell over - because I also liked that name.
"Sure! Let's put it on the 'A' list" I said. "What made you think of Joseph?"
"Matt's sermon about Joseph, Jesus' earthly father. The story of obedience, hu…