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Lord, unto me

When I wrote earlier this week (it feels like forever ago) about finding God's faithfulness in things I worry about, I didn't leave it there. 
I decided to pray more. No, for real, I'm not just saying that. Inspired by a quote my Aunt Susan shared with me, I decided to make a calendar of all my biggest worries and commit a day to pray for them. 

"Worship and worry cannot exist at the same time in the same heart.  They are mutually exclusive." Ruth Graham.
I said, okay, replace worry with worship.

Yesterday (and in the days before), only days after this, we received quite a bit of good news around the Brack house. Frequently our less-than-dull-moments tend to err on the side of just straight up bad news. 
We found out that my grandmother's medication is working! Though it is clear that there is no cure for her can…

Nothing too major

I have had an interesting start to my week. Combine Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with the Inauguration and the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade when you work for the county health care system and claim to be (some type of) evangelical Christian... well, you are going to have a confusing couple of days.

I will say this: I am not hear to explain any political affiliation or position on any issue. I am here to blog.

I've had patients tell me all about their abortions, many of whom are very grateful for one less child to feed at age 17. Trust me, I don't even know how to explain how I feel about their stories.

I've had many patients tell me "thank you" for the free, government funded health care I provide for them. That's full of issues, too, guys. I've had people tell me the free program we offer isn't good enough. More sighing.

I've had people at church tell me they sin because they hate the president.

I've had people tell me that I must be a baby kill…

Great is Thy Faithfulness

Some times, I worry about the little (and not-so-little) stuff.

I worry our house won't sell (if you don't know about the house situation, it's a long story - summary: there is a house and it needs to be sold).

I worry about whether or not there will be more grant funding for my job. I worry if we do get funding, I'll never want to have children and to leave. If we don't get funding, I worry about not having a job.

Some times, I worry about health stuff. I worry that my only living grandparent is sick. I worry about the implications of losing her. As John Mayer said, 
"Don't know how else to say it,  don't want to see my parents grow old.  One generation's length away  from finding life out on my own."
I worry about the idea of friends moving away, about stuff at church, at life decisions. I worry about changes. It's easy to do.
Then, I remember.
I remember opening my refrigerator when we had a friend and his son living with us. I remember thinking …

The Bod Pod: It's worse than you think

Some times, when you are a health coach, you feel all good and great about yourself. When one of your co-workers suggests doing a free Bod Pod scan, you go with her for moral support. Then you find out you suck. Luckily, at least the co-worker who dragged you there felt the same way and offers to come to your cry and eat ice cream party... but then we all talk each other out of it.

If you don't know, the Bod Pod determines the % of fat your body is. It takes minutes and has been debated as far as it's accuracy, but is a fairly accepted tool at this point.

And when you come out of that Bod Pod with your results, as a health coach, you realize you have to do more. 

So here is the million dollar question I ask people every day, all day long -- what can you do? followed by... what are you going to do?

I decided to do something. I decided to work out harder with more strength training. Just losing fat isn't enough -- I need to be stronger. So... enter lots of free weights and Jilli…

So this is 3 & a mini photo album

Chrissy: Robert!!!!! I need you!!!!
Robert: What is it? Do you need money?
Chrissy {indignant}: No. Why would you say that?
Robert: When you need me, it's only one of a few things.
Chrissy {smugly}: Well, I don't need money.
Robert: Do you need me to get something off of a high shelf for you?
Chrissy {indignant}: NO!
Robert: Well, that was my next guess.
Chrissy {sheepishly}: Actually... I need you to open this jar. 
Robert: I should have known.

This, friends, is my reflection of 3 years of marriage. Two people who always laugh, two people who know each other all too well, and two people who would do anything for each other. Happy anniversary to my left-brained, logical, predictable, supportive, good-humored, patient, and incredibly loving husband. We've crammed enough not-so-dull moments for a lifetime into 3 years -- I can't wait to see what's next.

 Photo 1: Engagement, 2009

Photo 2: Fundraiser, 2012 (we don't look that different, right?) Photo 3: First dance. He still …

Resolutions and life

Happy New Year! That's late... sorry.

As a health coach, I hear people say, "Okay, I'm getting started now, I'm going to do ____ now that we have a new year." While I am not a fan of resolutions (just do it -- apparently, I am a fan of Nike's slogan), I understand the feel of a fresh start and the excitement of new things.
So what's new?
Soup.  Shoes. Workouts. Trying to be messy.
That's my new list. We started eating more homemade soup. It's low-calorie, easy for me to prepare, and ready when we are home. A normal recipe lasts us about  week, making my cooking post-work so much better!
Shoes. I am trying minimalist/barefoot shoes. This is a huge, frustrating process. I keep reading reviews and trying things on, asking questions... it's highly personal, and I'm really picky. I love running. I love exercise. I've worn pretty expensive, fancy running shoes for years. When my co-worker gave the gospel of minimalist shoes, it was like hearing thing…