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Changes on the horizon!

A couple of months ago, Robert and I started to talk about our lives. I've been working 2 part-time jobs, and while it has it's benefits, it is very, very draining. It is really difficult to coordinate some times. It was stressing me out. It wasn't working.

So, we started to think about options. And this was my prayer,
"Lord, this situation isn't working and I don't have a solution. Please, bring a change."

A week later, I got an email from Wishard asking me about a job I had applied to back in October. They asked if I would interview. Skeptical, I agreed, as I had been there before. I've tried to work for Wishard on numerous occasions and have always had "good interviews". I've always been turned down.

A week later, I went in for the interview. It went great. The manager, the team, the job, was all a perfect fit. The manager practically offered me the job!

That same week, my church (where I currently work) put together a plan to offer m…

Life from a crate

Our church's sermon last week was: "What does God say about suffering and pain?".

It's not an easy topic.

This is my reflection.
We had to crate train our dog, Otis, when we moved back from Indiana. We bought a beautiful, brand new spec home in December... so we didn't have a yard. Which meant that, at 7 years old, Otis had to be crate trained for the first time. Otis suffers from separation anxiety, so this was not an easy task.

At first, every time I put Otis in that crate, he looked at me with total sadness. Like I was hurting him, letting him down, disappointing him. He looked at me like I was betraying him. He did not understand.

We love Otis (though we joke about hating him, we don't). Otis is completely dependent on us for care. We always have Otis' best interest in mind. In reality, the crate protects him from outside elements, from storms, from strangers who could harm him, and also from himself. The crate holds him safe until Momma can come …