Sunday, July 22, 2012

What we've been up to

So, we've been really busy around here! Not in the we-have-had-so-much-going-on way, but in the changes/little things way.

Our friend who has moved in with us for the time being is the world's best cook. For real. Unfortunately, I am also a good cook... and so some times, we just sit around and cook.  I say unfortunately, because I am going to get very fat.

This weekend, we made double thick lemon bars...

Baked churros....

Strawberry ice cream...

And our normal array of pizza, salads, soups, etc.

The double thick lemon bars, based on my recipe, were a huge success. Friend really loved the bars, but asked if I'd be willing to double up the lemon custard ad see how it worked. I never turn down a baking challenge...

Again, a huge success.

Baked churros were a recipe inspiration, but we sort of messed it up since we didn't pay enough attention to the puff pastry defrosting.  While they were delicious, we are going to have to try again, with better puff pastry to work with!

The strawberry ice cream is to die for! Friend and I had a bit of a cooking spar about whether or not this should be a frozen custard, and I managed to wrangle in my opinion that it needed to be more of an ice cream and less of a custard.  Let's just say, when you are right, you are right.

I am now getting ready to enjoy our homemade white bean & ham soup.

I also have to go to work tomorrow and resume my job as a lifestyle wellness coach.  I may be drinking cranberry juice & water all day to long and eating nothing but lettuce to hide my secret shame.

Jealous? You can be. You can also invite yourself over for dinner.  We always have leftovers!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Next week!

Next week I start my new job at Wishard.


I am getting excited. But I am mostly getting nervous. I feel woefully unprepared to start a new chapter, probably because I didn't seek out this particular change. 

This job is a lot of things I've always wanted.  I'll be doing something I love, I'll be using a part of my degree (unheard of, right?), I'll be working in healthcare, I'll be serving the under-served.  It's so many things I have worked so hard to do.  And I don't want to mess it up. I don't want to suck.  I didn't realize that getting what you wanted could be so intimidating. 

Our pastor preached on having faith in God like a child on Sunday. He gave the example of how his children will blindly jump off the stairs into his arms, trusting that each and every time they will be caught. This made me feel a little better.

On Saturday, I took Nephew to the airport to meet his parents, who just came back from a 2 week missions trip to China.  All day long, he giggled with me when I would ask, "Who are we getting at the airport? Santa? Big bird?" he would laugh and shout, "NO! Mommy & Daddy!!!".  We were both pretty pumped.  When we got the airport, he happily played with another little boy from his church who was also waiting for his mommy.  When his mommy came down first, Nephew took my hand and started to look a little nervous and impatient.

Then, he saw them.

Then, he ran and hid underneath a sign in the airport. 

He was still glad they were home.  He was still excited.  He was just... overwhelmed.  There were a ton of people around.  There was a lot of emotion.  My sister had to go and pull him out from under the sign and pick him up for a hug. He buried his face in his hands. 

When she put him down, he resorted to hiding behind me, while not letting go of my hand. When my arm gave out from being held behind me, he had me hold him until it was time to go.

Some times, I think this is more how I feel about getting what I want.  Of course, I'm overjoyed.  Of course, I'm incredibly grateful.  It's still overwhelming.  It's intimidating. And though I am trying to hide under some form of an airport sign, I'm reminded that God won't leave me there.  His intention is to use my life, and I'm not going to do that where I am safe from discomfort and change.

So, here is to facing what's next with faith. I am so grateful I don't have to do it on anything more than faith.