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the question.

"Do you want more kids?"

I pause. The question. Do I want more kids?

Joe is that age. That age where many people add their second child.

I have no easy answer to that question. We love Joe with our hearts and souls and love being his parents. I love being at home with him (most days ;) ), and I love our little life together. We watch him get bigger and better and wish for all things baby. "Of course we want another baby!" I want to say.

Hyperemsis gravidum is a weird thing. You are totally fine, and then you get pregnant, and you are totally not fine. Then, after 9 long months, you get a newborn, which requires all your energy and work after you already gave all your energy and work just to stay out of the hospital while pregnant, and then, 18 months into motherhood, you are totally fine again. So I should do it again, right? After all, how cute is my kid?

I hold my friends' babies and my heart aches. A baby. I look at my sister and brother and think I could ha…