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Friday's Fun Things

Things we are LOVING right now.

1) Kate Middleton's wedding dress.
For real. Other people can hate it, but I loved it (along with Pippa, way to go, girl). But really, a make-up artist would have been such a better idea than DIY.

2) Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.
WHY DID I EVER WEAR OTHER STUFF? It looks nice after I work out.
(Nordy's has a gift with purchase and I can hook you up if you need a sales person to help you!)

3) New Pantene Pro-V products.
They were on sale, I was out, and I've been really happy with my hair. My favorites are the Color Hair Solutions for shampoo and conditioner. To get my hair to look, uh, decent every day, I'm loving this trifecta...
- Curly Hair Solutions Anti-Frizz Straightening Cream
- Fine Hair Heat Protection Shine Spray
- Fine Hair Touchable Volume Hair Spray
And they were 3 / $10 at K-Mart, so DEAL!

4) Publix.
I love …

Just another dull day

My husband's building just got hit by lightening. His comment was,

"Nothing is on fire (yet)."

Just another day for the Bracks.

Bring Your Otis to Work Day

Look! I'm going to work!

Yesterday, when my boss said, at 2:30pm, "Hey, I'm going to Georgia tomorrow. Could you, like, clear the schedule?" I felt like saying a lot of things, but instead said, "Yeah, okay." So, it became...

Bring your Otis to work day!!!!!!!!!

Otis did such a good job. It was just me and the nurse today, and she was very impressed with Otis' behavior. She kept asking me how she could get her kids to behave like that. My only suggestions, not being a real-momma, were Benadryl and obedience school.

He did lots of sleeping, but was very polite and friendly to our nurse, post man, and drug reps. They all loved him and commented on what a pretty, kind boy he is.
He was obviously the life of the party.

Rosa could not believe how well he listened, how quiet he was, or how close he stayed to me. He seriously just trotted behind me all day. He was also a very patient dog when Momma ran a few errands at lunch. He waited in the car and left really nic…

Why I'm rocking the bun today

I haven't slept 8 hours since... uh... yeah. So last night, when Robert and I passed out shortly after getting home and getting settled, I dragged myself out of bed with the bare minimum time to get us out the door. So I'm rocking a fashionable "It's-so-humid-I-wasn't-going-to-spend-30-minutes-convincing-my-hair-to-be-pretty-for-10-minutes-besides-isn't-I-didn't-try-not-in?" bun. To achieve this look, shower as normal. Only don't wash your hair all the way. That takes too much work. Then, brush hair out, use a smoothing cream. Blow dry the front of your hair so what's around your face looks nice. Then pull hair back as in making a pony-tail. Wad hair on the back of your head and secure with a hair tie. Hello, Gorgeous.

We went to Indianapolis this weekend for Easter. We both had Good Friday off, which was GREAT because it meant we could leave Thursday night, allowing us an extra day in Indy. We didn't get in until 1:00am EST because I got s…

Who knew?

Apparently, ordering lunch for four people is... impossible. Getting everyone to pick what they want and circle it on a pre-printed menu? Very challenging. Keep in mind, we are ordering from Panera. Here were the most difficult parts:

Person1: I wish that didn't have "x" item in the dish. That's really what I want.
Me: Uh, okay.
Person1: What a bummer. What should I get?
Me: Um... that, without x?
Person1: Wait, where is the pear salad?
Me: What pear salad?
Person1: Why isn't it on here?
Me: I just printed the menu from online. You can call and ask if they have a pair salad.
Person1: I really wanted that. I thought they had it?
Me: Why don't you call and ask?
Person1: No, I'll just get this instead. Why isn't the pear salad on here?
Me: (pretends like there is work on the computer I must do)

Person2: Oh, this sounds good. Thanks.
Me: You want a cookie?
Person2: Yeah... of course. Thanks.
Person1: Wait, I want that instead! (crosses off initial order with modifiers an…

Things to Love

Things to love this week:

1. Talking about National Debt
"...So why do I applaud the Ryan plan? Because it's a serious effort to tackle entitlement programs... If Democrats don't like his budget ideas, they should propose their own... But they, too, must face up to the fiscal reality." - Fareed Zakaria

2. Trader Joe's Power Berries. How did I get through my 10:00am slump before these little wonders?

3. Warm weather - I wore a dress to church on Sunday. Holla!

4. The way Otis gets scared and all silly and cute during storms. He was so funny last night.

Monday - Part II

Last Monday, Robert was rear-ended. His truck was still drivable. On the Friday before that, yours truly was given a very, very unfortunately speeding ticket. I actually felt really badly, because 1. I was on a road I never take 2. I really, really didn't mean to be going that fast. 3. I HAVE car insurance, I had PROOF of car insurance, but it wasn't the right kind. Now guess who has to go to court? Lucky me! And my car, my no-drama-Honda, is making a funny noise.

So this Monday, after my interesting morning thus far, I get a call from my husband. His truck broke down and is being towed to the dealership. Is it wrong to pray that the part that is broken is the one under warranty? I know there are people who don't have food to eat, so that prayer feels kind of wrong.

To make this situation more interesting, we have a guest coming this weekend who needs to borrow a car. This wasn't a problem back when we had 3 working vehicles. Let's hope they get Robert's truck fi…


It is 9:00am on Monday. This has been my day so far.

My poor husband is sick, which means he has been tossing and turning and not getting sleep. Which means that I haven't slept much either.

The first thing I get to when I come into work is review a patient's file. We have to tell her today that they probably have cancer. I need to know, off the top of my head, her reports and chart. This patient has no capacity to deal with this. I don't know how it's going to go.

Then I get messages from answering service. We had a patient in the ER, which means she'll need to be seen ASAP. Our doctor also saw 2 new patients in the ER, one who is calling non-stop to get in right away. She does not have insurance. She claims that she was told that she would be "seen today". I have no appointments until next week. Our doctor says this is NOT urgent, we are already over-booked. And he needs to get home -- to fix his water heater. It's been broken since last week.

In the me…

First Dull Moment

So this is my blog. I'm not sure why I decided to start blogging. Maybe because now that I live in a place where I don't know anyone and have no friends, I feel out of touch. Maybe it was just Jamie the Very Worst Missionary's blog. I don't know.

The title is a joke. Because for Christmas 2009, my sister-in-law, Miriam, was gracious enough to give me a sign that says, "Never a Dull Moment". Because apparently, I am never dull, nor is the family I married into. The sign has hung in my kitchen since she gave it to me, a month before I married my lovely husband.

It has cursed me ever since.

When we found out we were moving with no warning down to Nashville, I cursed the sign. When the sink starts leaking after a billion other things go wrong in record time, I swear under my breath at it. When I get a terrible speeding ticket on a road I swear I NEVER take, I glare up and think, "Hey Sign! Got $200?".

Maybe in this blog, as if to prove myself, I will share …