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why i'm having a norwex party

My mom made me do it.

I am only sort of joking. The January hostess gift is something I wanted, and my mom wanted to order stuff, so she told me to have a party, and we all know you are supposed to listen to your mom when she tells you to do something.

So, what's so great about this stuff? I mean, we are talking about cleaning. WHO CARES?!?!

As a mom and self-professed clean freak, I spend a lot of time cleaning. Norwex is faster. Time saved = happy girl. Work smarter, not harder, poeple.

When I got pregnant, I really started to evaluate our exposure to certain things. I switched all my cleaning products and a lot of my personal care products to things that were gentler, "greener", and less toxic. With a baby who puts his mouth on everything, I can't mess around with some killer cleaner that's poisonous.

With this switch, my allergies and asthma improved. Like, I did it for my baby but I started to feel better.

Than I read Jen Hatmaker's "7" and got…