Friday, July 29, 2011

First post from my BRAND NEW laptop

(from Saturday, July 30)

Apparently, I go into laptop withdrawal pretty quickly, because the first thing we did after lunch today was go and replace my stolen laptop with a new one.

It's nice, don't you think? (I'm such a dork for typing that).

Anyways... Yes... our house, in the middle of nowhere, was broken into. No, we do not live in a bad neighborhood. We live on a little country road where we can't see our neighbors. No, I don't really feel unsafe, other than being a little paranoid now.
Again... is it TN, or a foreign country?

No substantial damage was done to our landlord's property -- just one, partially broken window.

So what did these geniuses take? The Porsche, in the garage, keys on the counter?
The Chapparell boat in the driveway?
The endless amounts of expensive technical equipment my husband owns?
Our huge TV? Wii? DVD/Blue-Ray/WDTV?

HOLD UP, you may say, what DID they take?!
-My netbook laptop.
-My jewelry. This includes... well, everything that I wasn't wearing. So, the list of things gone include my engagement ring, the diamond pendant my parents gave me when I graduated from high school, my grandmother's pearl necklace, an assortment of aquamarine jewelry (my favorite, my birthstone), and then some.
-Some misc. tools from our garage
-Our leaf blower
-Robert's circular saw
-A point and click camera
-Robert's old watch with a dead battery.
-A few other things

I know, right? We are very fortunate. When I called Robert after arriving home to find the items gone, I was so startled and crying that he expected to come home to an empty house. Otis is a little more anxious than normal but he's totally unharmed. No one was here, no one was injured. Do I feel a little concerned? Yes. I mean, it's unnerving to know a stranger walked through your home, went through your drawers, saw the pictures of you and your family but still decided to steal your crap.

Whatcha gonna do, right? Well, we called the police. We started making lists. We went to lunch today, Best Buy afterwards. We looked at some jewelry at a local store here to compare some of my lost items.
Never a dull moment.
Thanks, Miriam.

BTW, if you have some horror story of how you/someone you know had something stolen and couldn't get it replaced by the insurance company, please don't share. We need to take this one step at a time, and not worry about what could or could not happen.

I'm just mad they didn't take the stuff that's going to be a pain to move back to Indianapolis. Oh well.

On a funny note, I feel the need to go through a lot of my stuff and get rid of it now. Like, if I wasn't relieved it wasn't stolen, why do I have it? So I'm doing some closet and basement purging today.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New things, summer love, Diet Coke

Ah, summer. I love heat. Heat heat heat. Robert makes fun of because it's 100 degrees outside, and I was almost in tears last night when my heating pad stopped working. My feet get cold when we watch TV, okay? And I don't like socks in the summer, so don't even try.

Apparently, Otis is on board with summer, too. I let him out the other day and he found himself a patch of sun to love. Our otherwise boring dog began to roll and play in the sunshine with great enthusiasm (which, if you do not know Otis, is more than he generally does in a week). He started to doze off (of course) so I called him back inside... Or I'll forget about him. Because I'm a really good doggie momma. I know these pictures aren't the best, but I had to try to capture some of the pure joy that was his happy little doggie moment.

Our life update: No moving date. No changes. Maybe September? No houses sold or purchased. Really, nothing. Now we are in the that horrible stage where things start happening "back home" that we cannot justify really making a trip for and have to say, "Well, after we move, we'll go to the next one". At the same time, we back-off our activities here, don't start anything new and can't plan anything because we most likely will not be here.

In a word, is it BORING.
I'm working on my patience.

New things to love?
Kroger's sale on General Mills cereal down here. Buy 4 GM products, get $6 off your order. Lots of Kix (my morning staple) will be purchased. I also tried Nature Valley Granola Thins with Dark Chocolate as one of my items (I had a coupon, too)... and they are...
delicious. As evidenced by the wrapper.

I am still successfully losing weight, tracking everything I eat on and exercising... a lot. Diet Coke, VitaminWater Zero, and finding little treats like the above granola bars have been my lifeline. I'm having to cut back on the Diet Coke, though, as recently I've had some trouble sleeping. The focus helps me with my boredom, I'm feeling great, and I'm winning my diet argument with my co-worker (she'll try everything but diet and exercise to lose weight, that's all I'm doing). So, yes, I am losing weight because I am bored and to prove someone wrong. I know, it's sort of sick.

Well, I'm going back to twitching at my desk while I try not to think about Diet Coke. Hope you are enjoying your summer!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cupcake Class!

I took my very first (cup)cake decorating class yesterday! There was a Groupon for a class through Faboo Cakes, so I snatched it up and signed up for their "adult" cupcake decorating class.

Adult, btw, means that... 1. no kids are allowed in the class 2. one of the cupcakes is a cocktail theme 3. you can bring your own alcohol to drink during class. Totally genius, right?

I am art-challenged to begin with, and I hate taking all the time and effort to make something taste amazing only to have to spend more time and effort to make it look... pretty. I mean, I will smooth out the frosting and throw on some sprinkles, but don't expect anything more than that.

The lighting wasn't great for pictures, so sorry that they aren't the best.

<--- These are my first ever rose-tipped frosted cupcakes. Not too bad, huh?

This class was perfect for my first decorating class. The women who own Faboo are sisters, and they are as honest, hilarious and helpful as possible. They not only walked us through our cupcakes, but they had tons of little helpful tricks, tips, and suggestions for us. The two hour class flew by, and I got more than my money's worth out of it! If they have a new class (they rotate seasonally with themes) that interests me before we move, I may sneak another one in. They provided everything we needed and we got to take all of our cupcakes home.

This was my "prepped" margarita cupcake dessert. It's a vanilla cupcake with key time and tequila frosting (which was delicious). This was the base....

This shows off my (adorable) lime wedge. It was made of fondant, and though I hate fondant, they converted me. This was the "best tasting" fondant I've had, meaning it wasn't nasty, and I learned a lot about how to work with a substance that I have always found intimidating (and gross tasting).
This is my finished dessert. Pretty cute, huh?
Makes me want to go somewhere tropical.

Then, we did some basic fondant work to make pretty, girly cupcakes...
Our all-female class voted overwhelming to do flowers and butterflies. Adorable. Mandy may actually get some help from me for Jane's 2nd birthday next year.

And finally, my pride and joy...
PIGS!!!! I made PIGS!!! Adorable, pink, cartoon-ish, beautiful PIGS. They were my favorite!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This post isn't really appropraite

So I warned you upfront -- and I expect everyone to act like an adult. Well, at least, as much as I do.

Today, a (Hispanic) pregnant patient was asking the doctor about circumcision for her baby boy. On her way out, of course, because our patients can NEVER STOP TALKING TO THE DOCTOR. No, really, nothing stays in the exam rooms around here. They leave, get in their cars, and call and ask more questions and have more they want to talk about. I think HIPPA would fine them, and not us, for their blabber-ish nature.

Anyway, she was like, "So, I guess we are doing this circumcision thing?"
And the doctor was like, "Well, do you want to? Because if you want to, then yes. But you do not have to do it."
So she says, "I mean, I guess. I don't really get it, though."
He says, "Yes, it's a very American thing. Most of them do it."
She says, "Really? I don't believe you. Really?"
He says, "Yes. A lot them do it, and a lot of my patients do it so that their sons will 'fit-in'."
She says, "I don't know anyone who has done it or anything."
He says, "It's not customary in most of Latin America. But it's a simple enough procedure."
She says, "I do think I want it. I just didn't know much about it."

That's right. They all think we are weird. Here are all these families, in which none of the males get circumcised, and everyone is just fine. Now they are having babies in another country, and they are all, "Um... they really... do that?" This patient was on the verge of being scandalized by the thought that the majority of Americans circumcise their boys. It was just a funny perspective moment for me.

I am usually very aware (or made aware of daily) of how much of what I think or assume about my life is just a cultural norm. But this was one of those moments that I went, "Hm. You guys probably think we are all totally bonkers, huh?"

And it gave me a little bit of humor and perspective for my day.

Now, I realize circumcision can be a heated topic in the medical world. I have no intention of discussing the pro's / con's here and would wish you to do the same. BECAUSE THAT IS SO NOT WHAT THIS POST IS ABOUT. I am also aware that there are many Americans that do not circumcise their boys, so please don't bombard me with how ignorant I am about diversity. Because I am not ignorant -- but, generally, it is the majority, and it is something we think is more "normal" than "abnormal". Also, this post has nothing to do with the Biblical significance of circumcision. Thank you.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I just want my capris

Otis has to be the sleepiest, if not laziest, creature on this earth.

This morning, he was sound asleep and I needed to get a pair of capris out of the drawer he was sleeping in front of, blocking it.

I called him. He opened his eyes and stared at me.
I clapped. He blinked.
I said, "Come here, come over here, come on Otis."
He yawned.
Finally, I pulled him out of the way. He sort of stood up and stretched, moving a couple of inches away. I seized my opportunity and got my capris out. He then rolled over, belly up, so I could rub him.

Because that's why I woke you up. To rub your belly and give you love. Not to get my pants.

He came down and ate breakfast with me (we do this every morning). He decided part way through it was a waste of possible sleeping time and went back up to bed. I had to call him to put him out before I left. He sauntered down the stairs and outside like this whole waking-up thing was completely unacceptable.

Unbelievable. My dog is a 14 year old boy.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The House On Stockard Street

I said would I write about going back to our old house and how it made me feel. This is it.

Stockard Street never really felt like mine. I moved in there when I married Robert, I loved living with him, but... it was his house. He had it 7 years before he met me. I didn't hate the house, it was just full of... Robert-stuff (and evidence of his life, for years prior). Not Robert-Chrissy stuff. And it's not really the kind of house I'd pick out for myself. But it was our home.

Now, it is empty. It is repainted, re-carpeted, with no remains of life there expect maybe a Diet Coke in the fridge (thanks, Mom!). And when I walked in there, I had no desire to try to find another house for us when we moved back to Indy.

Because this, this could be our home again.
We were happy there.
We had every need met there.
We could pay off this house in the near future.
We were safe there.
And I didn’t don't want that to change.

Robert got to witness this really, really cool trick I can do. I can have a total panic attack for really no reason and really out of nowhere (that's why it's called an anxiety disorder). I sat on the floor in the loft and just cried. I cried and cried and breathed harder and harder until I was gasping for air. Robert came, sat by me, and had me lay down, head in his lap, as I cried it out and caught my breath.

I wasn't sad. I wasn't upset. I wasn't angry. I was a little stressed (I am not enjoying the house selling and buying aspect of life, apparently).

I think I was, in part, very grateful. Our "worst case scenario" is moving back into that house if it doesn't sell. Millions of people world-wide would be blessed beyond all belief to have a sturdy four walls around them and clean water.

I think I was also overwhelmed. We had spent that whole day looking at beautiful houses in beautiful places. Houses with 3 car garages, stunning kitchens, duel walk-in closets, and basements. Houses that are within our reach.

Whether we walked into a house that beautiful beyond our dreams, or our own Stockard Street house, I really didn't care. I was content in either place, which was an overwhelming feeling. Just as long as it was ours. Just as long as we were together. That's all that mattered.

...and just as long as I don't have to let the dining room be taken over with fish tank accessories again.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Favorites

What's not to love about some great finds?

1. Caslon Capris (from Nordstrom) - I bought these at the half yearly sale. I've been looking for a lightweight, khaki colored capri for a long time. I LOVE THESE CAPRIS. I'm sort of waiting for the girls at work to have an intervention to make me stop wearing them every time we do not have patients. I promise I wash them.

2. Mama Selita's Hot Sauce (Red Gold) - I love ketchup as it is. It may be the only redneck thing about me. I won't even eat certain foods without ketchup. Thanks to my sister-in-law, Paulynn, for not only getting me hooked on this, but for being my current supplier. I've put this on burgers, fries, BBQ chicken, and so many other things, and it's delicious.

3. Ticket to Ride (Board Game) - Mandy and Steve had us play this with them last weekend. SO FUN. I can't wait to play it again.

4. Niece and Nephew - The way Abram is so funny now that he's a little boy and not just a toddler (and asks you for a "surprise", aka present, when he sees you). And the way Jane let me hold her and laughed and smiled with me (until Uncle Robert got too close, but she's warming up to him).

5. Quote: "Chrissy, I give you permission to start answering the phone, 'Burger King Medicine - have it your way.' " My office manager, about how patients have been a royal pain in the neck this week.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's been...

...weird? Here's our life update.

We are still moving to Indianapolis. We were originally moving the end of July/early August, but they haven't found Robert's replacement yet. So now we are waiting for SWC to hire someone down here before they move us up to Indy.

Because of this, I have not quit my job. Which means there is a chance that I may actually be in TN longer to train my replacement, since the office doesn't even know they need to be hiring.

Our landlord (St. Neil, Patron Saint of Really Worried Tenants Who Don't Want to be Homeless) agreed to let us go month to month when our lease is up in August. Which means we won't be homeless if SWC doesn't move us back by August.

Our house is on the market, and we've actually found the house(s) we'd like to buy if ours sells. If ours does not sell, we're moving back into it until it does. We won't really move in or unpack, just hang out with most of our stuff in storage and make Otis scrub up to walk around (just kidding). I have a really good blog post about why I want to move back into that home, but it'll have to be later.

So? I am feeling slightly less homeless. We have a place to live until we leave and a place to live when we back to Indy, even if it's not ideal. I'm still feeling a little soon-to-be-unemployed, because I can't even begin looking for jobs since I don't know where I'll be or when. Robert keeps telling me to chill out, and I know he's right.

Also, my co-worker who had MRSA is getting better. And hopefully none of us got it.