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This guy I married

The more I talk to other people, the more I realize Robert is a surprising genius. 

Other people are always telling me how great his solutions are, how he fixed something no one else could, how he was way funnier than they thought. {I'm allowed to brag about him, right?!}

Today, I am grateful for the fact that Robert is a financial genius. And he is a financial genius that married a financial idiot.

In a room of co-workers today, I was the only person who did not assume a car payment was a permanent way of life. That, my friends, is financial genius. I knew more about financial planning than any of them. Me, the financial idiot -- all because I married him!

A few weeks ago, I told Robert I could not handle the way we did our budget anymore. Like, I hated it.

Robert, who hates change and has been doing the budget the same way for 10 years, re-vamped the whole system for me. And now, I am excited (which almost never happens when it comes to the topic of budgeting). It's a great s…

This face

We've been busy.
We've had repair people coming through the house.
We've had a lot go on.

But this face.
Is so sweet.
Is always loyal, trusting, and faithful.
Never holds a grudge.
Makes me forgive him even when he's been a pain.

Somedays, this face gives me just a little bit of sanity when I can't find any.

PS: As a doggie-momma, I constantly amazed at how much people love Otis. Family, friends, guests, the repair guy, people we walk by in the neighborhood adore this dog. I guess he's one of the many things I take for granted. Sorry, buddy. I'll try to be better.

Irish Cooking

Once a month, we have a dinner with Robert's cousins and siblings here in town, potluck/pitch-in style It's fun. This month's theme was Irish, since we held it right after St. Patrick's Day.

I made a Dark Chocolate Guinness Cake. That was healthy. I KNOW, RIGHT?! For the record, I don't like beer, and a stout has no appeal to me, but I didn't mind the cake. It did take a lot of will power to dump in beer to a cake that looked perfectly fine on it's own. The cake was little dry since it's low fat, but not too bad! I did throw in a 1/3 cup powdered sugar and milk (instead of Guinness) into the glaze to make a butter cream chocolate glaze, but I figured the cake wouldn't be very rich and would need a boost. Though it wasn't a life changing cake, it wasn't bad!

Have a lucky week, friends!