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a little holiday cheer!

We are fighting some wonderful winter illness at our house.

So, from our now-sanitized-to-the-max-home to yours, here is a happy Christmas moment that warms my heart.

And seriously. Don't come into my house unless you are going to go wash your hands.

a quick comparison

i have a sick baby, a house that looks like a tornado came through here, 100+ Christmas cookies to make, and 2 parties to go to this weekend (and gifts to wrap for both of them. I DON'T EVEN HAVE WRAPPING PAPER).

so why not spend precious time while sick baby is sleeping to blog? procrastination makes us all efficient.

for your viewing pleasure, i submit a photo comparison of Joe to robert and to me at similar ages.


all this shows is that you can feel like death for 41 weeks and that baby will have the audacity to look just your husband. except maybe kind of your eyes and some of your smile.

our advent

Unwrapping the Christmas ornaments for our Christmas tree, I kept thinking, "Didn't I just do this?"
If pregnancy was an eternity, the months of having a baby have been in fast forward.
Life thinks it's smarter than me by racing faster than I can keep up with, but  I am on to it.
I am on to how fast the first months of our son's life have gone. I am on to how fast his first Christmas is approaching. I am on to the fact that my little baby is slipping into toddler hood day-by-day. I am on to it.
In a world full of fast and now, I remind myself to stop. In a season normally packed full of events and cheer and business, I take deep breaths and remind myself that my hope and joy aren't quite yet fulfilled. In a time in life when part of us honestly can't wait to get the first set of holidays without a loved one behind us, I am trying to find a way to enjoy them, too.
When I put Joe down for a nap today, he turned into me as he fell asleep. I sat with him inst…