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one year: and what to do

A year ago today we lost my father-in-law. Shock doesn't even describe the feeling I got when I got that phone call.

Today we will celebrate. We will celebrate his love, his life. We will probably fight back (or not fight back) tears. We will smile when we see Don's face in little Joe's eyes and expressions. Today, we will give thanks for the gift of having Don in our lives, and for the promise of eternal life through Jesus.

There's a really great blog post being shared on Facebook about what to do when someone in your life is grieving. It's good - read it, do it.

My advice on what to do when someone in your life experiences tragedy? Show up. You don't have to know the right words (and, as that blog points out, saying the wrong thing or admitting you don't know what to say is better than not saying anything). You don't have to know what to do. Just show up. 

That night, a year ago today, my mom quickly rearranged everything (she was watching my sister's…