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it's hard.

I had a conversation with a friend recently, and I was talking about losing my father-in-law, watching my husband mourn, and watching him pick up the pace at work since he was in business with his dad.

"I could worry, but I'm not in control anyway. I can either trust that God's plan is bigger than mine, or I can worry. Honestly, I don't know how people do it without faith, without Jesus. I'd be panicking."

My friend looked right at me and said, "But isn't it hard even with him?"

If I have led you to believe that living our life of not-so-dull moments is easy, I'm sorry.

It is hard.
This is hard. Even with Jesus.

This is the moment where my heart is broken.

This is the moment where I sincerely, honestly, truly regret picking a study of the book of James for our small group this summer.

Count it all joy, my friends, when it is hard. That's what James tells us. Not, "Hey, you could have some tough things coming" or "go ahead and whin…

what we learned about Joe

There is nothing like trial by fire to learn about your 4.5 month old.

The past 10 days, as I mentioned before, Joe has been taken completely out of his little world and did great. Here's what we got to learn about him...

Joe is an extrovert (at least at this stage of his life). With all the people around to entertain, Joe smiled, babbled, and hardly wanted to stop to eat or sleep. I've never seen him light up so much and be so social.

Joe is a flirt. He is waaaay more smiley for women.

Joe gets slap happy when he's tired. It's pretty hilarious and pretty goofy. Until he comes unglued.

Joe wants to eat solids. My child has fought nursing, bottles, formula, etc. But he loves food. Right now he's only allowed avocados 1x a day. When I put him in his high chair, he leans forward and start licking and smacking his lips. He will sit quietly in his chair, even when he's super fussy, because he knows food is coming. He stares longingly at cups, forks, and the food tha…

my word.

Over a year ago, a very dear mentor and friend gave me this verse to comfort me during a time of transition.

Over a year ago, I had no idea how much our lives were about to change.

90% of our family that lived in town moved away.
I got pregnant with Joe.
I got hyperemsis gravidum while pregnant.
My last living grandparent died.
We started a new small group at church that changed our lives (and I hope theirs!).
My husband lost his job.
My husband started a new company with his father and a family friend.
Joe was born.
I quit my job.
My father-in-law died.

12 months, friends, is not a long time. Some times I close my eyes and I picture myself 15 months ago, not even pregnant with Joe yet, living a totally different life. 15 months ago, I was hosting a surprise 60th birthday party for my father-in-law, probably drinking a glass of wine or something in my perfectly clean house, relishing in how good God was and is to us.

But God is so, so gracious. He gave me this Word to hold on to for dear life when…

our son

He's a pretty cute kid.
And he's been the ideal baby these past few days, despite a lack of sleep, food, mommy-time, or any type of normalcy.

He's got some big shoes to fill.  Carry on the legacy, little Joe.