why i'm having a norwex party

My mom made me do it.

I am only sort of joking. The January hostess gift is something I wanted, and my mom wanted to order stuff, so she told me to have a party, and we all know you are supposed to listen to your mom when she tells you to do something.

So, what's so great about this stuff? I mean, we are talking about cleaning. WHO CARES?!?!

As a mom and self-professed clean freak, I spend a lot of time cleaning. Norwex is faster. Time saved = happy girl. Work smarter, not harder, poeple.

When I got pregnant, I really started to evaluate our exposure to certain things. I switched all my cleaning products and a lot of my personal care products to things that were gentler, "greener", and less toxic. With a baby who puts his mouth on everything, I can't mess around with some killer cleaner that's poisonous.

With this switch, my allergies and asthma improved. Like, I did it for my baby but I started to feel better.

Than I read Jen Hatmaker's "7" and got really convicted about how little I care about the earth/recycling. Norwex is planet friendly, sustainable, non-toxic, and has reduced my waste. I use so many less disposable wipes and paper towels when I clean. That's also reducing packaging waste, too. And that's also saving money not to buy that junk.

The best part? NORWEX WORKS. Not only does it make things sparkle and shine, it's effective as an anti-viral and anti-bacterial. I'm buying a cloth to stick in my diaper bag, I kid you not. And since it traps & locks stuff instead of killing, you reduce mutation and resistance in the bacteria and virus. Anyone who has gone through rounds of antibiotics or steroids to kill something that just keeps coming back will understand the importance of this.

So join my online Norwex party, don't judge me for having it, and justify my mom's decision to make me host it.


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