what we learned about Joe

There is nothing like trial by fire to learn about your 4.5 month old.

The past 10 days, as I mentioned before, Joe has been taken completely out of his little world and did great. Here's what we got to learn about him...

Joe is an extrovert (at least at this stage of his life). With all the people around to entertain, Joe smiled, babbled, and hardly wanted to stop to eat or sleep. I've never seen him light up so much and be so social.

Joe is a flirt. He is waaaay more smiley for women.

Joe gets slap happy when he's tired. It's pretty hilarious and pretty goofy. Until he comes unglued.

Joe wants to eat solids. My child has fought nursing, bottles, formula, etc. But he loves food. Right now he's only allowed avocados 1x a day. When I put him in his high chair, he leans forward and start licking and smacking his lips. He will sit quietly in his chair, even when he's super fussy, because he knows food is coming. He stares longingly at cups, forks, and the food that fills our plates. It's going to be a long wait until 6 months, baby.

Joe does okay going to bed and being transferred. It's a bit of work for us, but he fared all right. Joe also transitioned from the rock-n-play back to sleeping in his crib at night because he moves around so much we feared he would fall out. Naps are a totally different story, though. If we aren't home or in a similar environment to home, naps are out of the question.

Joe sleeps like a rock when he's really asleep. Fireworks had nothing on him. However, if he half wakes up without his pacifier, expect total freak out. It makes no sense.

Joe is long. So, so long. He's keeping up in height with his cousins who are 3-5 months older than him. This is also entertaining because he doesn't have the same amount of control and coordination they have (obviously), so he's awkward and his long limbs flail about with no stopping.


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