The party

If you have been to our new house, you have probably thought, "What do they do with all this space?"

Honestly, most days, we ignore a good portion of it. But that's not why we bought our house, to ignore it.

We bought it because it was the kind of home we could live in no matter what, a home we could open up to those around us. The kind of home in which we could, say, throw a catered party for 30.

And that's exactly what we did last weekend. We hosted a party for a friend's 30th birthday, a surprise put together by her husband and several of her devoted friends. Our normally bare, quiet house was transformed into a venue.

It was awesome!!!!

We had so much fun -- great food, fantastic company, a dance party, a talent show, and even a few {happy} tears.
The birthday girl table

And I thought, "Lord, fill our years here with nights like these."

Nights in which total strangers show up to our house and become friends. Nights where we share every inch of ourselves with those around us. Nights where we move out all the furniture and dance. Nights where life is as perfect as it gets.


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