Just more dull moments.

Too. busy.
Will April end already? It's been a great month, but just too crazy!

Here's what happening in our life:

+Our church is doing an awesome sermon series right now. It's called "What does God say about ___ ?" You should listen, like, even if you don't go to our church.  Even if you want to disagree - it's a good thinking / discussion series. (www.geist.org/church/MessageArchive.aspx). Last week's sermon on forgiveness was really good.

+In March, I went to my good friend's wedding in Boston. I had the honor of being her matron-of-honor (and sounding like I'm a hundred years old by having to be a "matron"). I also had the pleasure of staying with some other friends of mine. It was a blast.

+We went to San Diego in April. It was also fun. I was lame and took no pictures, but it was fun to get to know some of Robert's friends and their friends.

+Nephew had his fourth birthday. Four, people!!! Four years ago, I moved to Indianapolis and this little guy stole my heart. It feels like yesterday day and forty years ago all at the same time. Some birthday fun is below. And his sister, little Niece, is such a heart-breaker, too (so are her cousins).

<-- Jane and her cousin, evaluating Abram's presents
You know you wish you had a Robot Pirate birthday cake

+We have been evaluating our jobs/life/current stuff. You can pray for us, because God is dumping stuff in our lap, and we are exploring those options. It's not easy, and it's rather intimidating. Everyday, I pray the right option would be clear. Everyday, things get clearer. The good news? None of those options (currently) involve moving. If that were an option, I'd probably lose my mind.

+I went to a Bethenny Frankel event. I know, it's kind of lame, but I really find her hilarious and I think it's cool that she made her own way. She did a bottle signing at our local Sam's Club (of all things), so I went. I happened to have the afternoon free anyway, so why not? She was 1. prettier in person 2. just as funny as she is on TV 3. seemed a lot softer in person. I met all these great people at the event who came out in the middle of a Wednesday (they skipped work, Bible study, had their children, could only go if they got a bottle for their boss). And you know what? I was standing in line with my SkinnyGirl Margarita bottle and I actually invited someone to church. Because they asked me what I did/why I could be there at the event on Wednesday afternoon, and well, I work 2 part-time jobs and one of them is at a church. The funny part? They were all about it. If you'd like to sample the SkinnyGirl White Cranberry Cosmo, I got one of those, too -- come on over!

+We've been trying to meet our neighbors. Some times, it's awkward being the young married couple with no kids on our street. Our neighbors have children our age, who have their own children. I feel sort of like a phony (thanks, Holden). They must watch me drive my old Honda and come and go at weird hours and see us throw parties and I can only imagine how out-of-place we must seem to these half retirees. We also live on the Untied Nation street, so we stand out even more. However, everyone has been really friendly and hasn't looked at us too judgey or anything. This is good, because the Brack house only gets less dull.


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