This is how we roll

I hope you had a wonderful Easter, we did!

Here are the cupcakes I made for Abram and Jane. Well, cupcakes were shared with lots of people, but only A&J and their little cousins got the bunnies. They are really difficult because the ears are marshmallows, but they LOVE them. It's once a year, so I'll deal with the sticky.

Also, we are headed to San Diego this weekend. SO excited. It's been a rough couple of weeks around here, both in good and bad ways. Our April is jammed full of wonderful things, but that hasn't stopped more difficult things from happening. No dull moments, right? San Diego will be nice.

I was PSYCHED to find a new tankini swimsuit that I loved at Old Navy for $10 a piece (that is unheard of guys, in case you don't know. The last swimsuit I found that I liked was about $100. I didn't buy it.). I also successfully altered my cutest one piece so the straps now fit and keep the suit on (a good thing, right?). I am so glad that I learned some sewing, because I whipped it out (along with mending a shirt for Robert) in half an hour. I will say, though, that if my sewing is less than sturdy, it will result in a very embarrassing falling apart of my swimsuit. So here's hoping I did a good job, right? Or I'll be back here posting about it.

As we go to San Diego, I have lots to think and pray about. Travel is such a good reflection time, isn't it? I will be reflecting on...

-Relationships I need to be building and putting more effort into (you are probably reading this thinking, yeah, like me!)
-My current work situation. I love working at the church. The hospital is good but has it's challenges. I am not expecting a change, but I need more strength to do what I'm doing. And I need to have a better attitude and do more at both places.
-Other plans and possibilities for 2012... let's a quarterly check in, shall we?
-I will be reading some Generous Justice and Little Bee

To end this, here is a ridiculous picture of my brother-in-law, Rob, and me at Easter. We were playing with my new iPhone (which I love, probably a little too much). Anyway, I love all my in-laws, and I am also continually grateful for what I call the other married-ins; that is, those of us that married into the Brack family. It's like a camaraderie that only we can understand, joining the same family. Rob and Paulynn are my homies, so I'm giving them some blog love. Though Rob will probably not feel loved for me sharing this photo. But I'm your sister now, and you can't do anything about it. Ha.


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