Life with Boys

I'll finish telling you about PRK soon, promise.

Today, though, let's talk about my life. My life with boys*.
*When I say boys instead of men, I mean no disrespect. It's not a matter of age or maturity. I say girls instead of "women" all the time. It means nothing.
As you may know, we have a friend and his 2 year old son living with us. It's cool, it's not a thing, and that's all I'm saying. 

With this, I have become out-numbered 4:1 by the men. Because even my dog is a boy.

A few ways my life has changed.... 

The house is always messy. Not horribly so, but there's always... something odd that needs to be cleaned up. I'm slowly accepting this fact and trying my hardest to realize it's not a big deal.

I am frequently called emotional or catty. This isn't mean -- it's fact. But other girls aren't like, "What is wrong with you today?" or "Chrissy, you are being mean. You are overreacting". We don't do it because we've all been there, too. In many ways, this awareness has challenged me to be a more loving person.

There is always something disgusting happening. This could be true just with the 2 year old (I'm sorry, children are great but gross). It could probably be true just with my husband and our friend.

You do not want to show up to my door unexpected. Our friend is fairly protective of me, my husband {legally} owns a gun, and if they didn't scare you... there's a 2 year old. I also do not recommend wronging me, as these are the people who will put you in your place.

I get spoiled more. In some way, I think the boys kind of always see that I'm living in boy-land. Restaurant choices defer to me, small gifts appear, types of groceries of my favorites, etc.

The girliest show I ever get to watch are The Daily Show or The Colbert Report. If it's just me and the 2 year old, I can some times get away with House Hunters. Some times.

There is always someone who need to be fed. I'm usually the only person who knows exactly what we have and where it is, so even the self-sufficient usually need my help.

I spend more time with amazing girls! There is solidarity in our relationships My sister gives me "mom-advice" and walks me through the 2 year old stage. She also is my greatest friend. My niece has become a little relief from all things boys -- the way her hair curls, her girly giggle, her insistence on wearing pearls all the time. I joined the women's Bible study at church this fall and have found the best support, love, and accountability I could ask for in friends. My time with my girlfriends is very precious to me now, and I make more of an effort to get that time.

I pray everyday that if we have children, I get one girl. I love my boys. I wouldn't trade them. I've always thought we were going to be people who had boys, and that never bothered me {clearly, I was right}. I never thought too much about adding girls to the equation. Now, I really, really hope I get one. I don't have any other thoughts as far as the number or ratio or anything... If this doesn't happen, I guess my niece will just get spoiled rotten.


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