It's not over yet

As Christmas quickly approaches, I think both of what the next 2 weeks bring us. It's our own 12 days of Christmas around here, and trust me, I'd take geese a layin'. 

As you probably know, I had PRK done to my eyes back in October. I am pleased to announce that I have fully recovered and see wonderfully. I once was blind, but now I see... very literally in this case. Every night, I get ready for bed and I am struck by the miracle that is my new eye-sight. It's wonderful! All of the complications -- dryness, soreness, blurry vision, distance trouble, and night vision trouble -- are gone. Good thing, too, because it's my turn to be the healthy one.

As you may know, we are not finished with major medical procedures here in the Brack house. I may be up and running, but my sweet husband will have his gallbladder taken out on Thursday... Merry Christmas, right? I'm a little nervous about the rest of this week. 

I am worried about preparation, recovery, and a Christmas with no working digestive system for him. I had wisdom teeth coming in with infections one Thanksgiving, and I remember nothing but wanting to throw up from Vicodin (a note: I have not taken a narcotic since) -- it was no fun. I am also worried about complications. Every last bit of PTO I have is being used to cover the holidays. I really, really don't want to have unpaid emergencies, you know? Additionally, Robert's sister is getting married the Saturday after Christmas, so we have little room for error. We both need to be available, ready, and looking like "normal" human beings the week after his surgery.

I write this not to say that our life is particularly difficult (honestly, at this point, it's just another week here at the Brack house). I write it so say "this is what's happening right now... and why I am not returning your phone calls/texts/emails/etc. I write it to confess how absent I've been, how slightly overwhelmed, and slightly less-than-gracious about many things recently. Because, still my friends, this isn't even the hardest thing we are dealing with around here. There are things I'm not allowed to write about, and that's taking it's toll, too.

I write this to say - I cannot do this on my own, though I am trying really, really hard. It's not easy realizing how small you are, how dependent you are on grace. It's not easy watching people you love suffer, or seeing things move so fast you can barely catch your breath.

If you don't mind, I ask for your prayers. Prayers for a good procedure and recovery for Robert. Prayers for a Christmas week centered on Christ. For a wedding week where we can fully love on Miriam and Ryan. Prayers that I stop wanting fall asleep at church, work, and anytime I sit down I have rest and energy for this upcoming stretch. Prayers for lots of Cherry 7-Up and ginger ale. 

Happy week before Christmas!


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