Why I run - Mile 3

I could tell you I run for health benefits, but that would be a lie.  I run because, in running, I am able to process, clean out my head and heart, and exhaust myself like I cannot do with anything else.

Mile 1 is just a warm-up. Music jams, I find my pace.
Mile 2 is a pace-setter, and discipline.

But mile 3 is gold. Somewhere as mile 2 morphs into mile 3, everything becomes crystal clear for me. If something is bothering me, I find my peace. If I am overwhelmed, I find strength. Somehow as I hit mile 3 everything I doubted becomes resolute faith. In mile 3, my soul remembers that God is faithful when I am not. In mile 3, nothing seems as big as it did when I was in mile 1.

I want to hear God in big, loud ways. I look for God in the the strong wind to knock me down, in the earthquake to shake me up, in the fire to light my soul. I want God on my terms. I want my life on my terms. But it is never that way, and it is never good that way.

I find Him still and small and in a quiet voice along mile 3. I'm not sure why I can hear this better between miles 2 and 3 and not at home, not sitting at a desk, not in my own time to think. Maybe it's the only way I can quiet down my inner voice, exhaust myself enough to listen, or maybe it's simple so free of distraction that I find it.

But there am I, running and hitting mile 3, and I hear God say, as he did to Elijah,

"...there came a voice to him and said, “What are you doing here, Elijah {Chrissy}?” " 1 Kings 19:11-13

Some times he is asking me why am I drowning in a problem. Some times he is asking me why am I in a place of sadness, joy, or bitterness. More often than not, He is reminding me of why I'm here to begin with - to find a way to worship.

He always meets me when I come to Him on his terms.

Oh, and for the record, anything after mile 3 is pure work. Just craziness.


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