i wrote a poem about being pregnant

i really mean this to be funny. i'm not depressed or anything. just glad that baby boy is doing well, not coming too early, and that pregnancy eventually ends. it doesn't quite fit with "the sound of silence" 100%, but i did by best. this is what happens when you wake up feeling like death at 5am. also, robert assures me no one has ever died of nausea. 

Hello, nausea, my old friend
I see you've come for me again
I can’t move, I can’t think
I’m throwing up in the kitchen sink
There was hope in my brain yet this
Still remains
This is death by nausea

Hello, zofran, my old friend
I see I’m taking you again
I thought that at 38 weeks
This would end, it would not peak
I’m not going to work today Not no how 
or way
Yes, this is death by nausea

I’m a fool, I should have known
As long as this little baby grows
I won’t be a functioning human being
Sounds like motherhood is the same thing
Baby, I promise to be your very best friend
If pregnancy ends
This is death by nausea


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