24 day challenge.

So, I agreed to do an Advocare 24 Day Challenge because I really care about my health, want to be intentional with my eating, and struggle to find the time to eat well as a stay at home mom.

That is all a lie. I agreed to do it because I want to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans this fall.

Either way, I am motivated.... and I promised to blog about it, so here I am.

Yesterday was the day of all meal prep. I made zucchini noodles, chicken fajita bowls, and egg and veggie "muffins". I used the zucchini noodles today for some fake Italian for lunch, and I was surprised by how much I liked it.

This morning started off with Day 1 of the challenge. Since I am a type A person to the core, I love the packets of supplements and check list. I get to CHECK it off? Done.

In the kit is a seemingly innocent box labeled "fiber drink". Since it was on the check list, I dutifully drank it this morning. It was not my favorite experience, but I got it down. I may put in a small splash of orange juice in it tomorrow to cut the gag factor.

I drank an Advocare meal replacement shake for breakfast. It was okay. It tasted a little "off" to me - but that could be that it's just a new protein shake. I have found some good recipes online to help the shake a little... and really, most protein shakes need some doctoring if they don't have a bunch of sugar in them. It still tasted better than Shakeology. #youcannotpaymetodrinkthatstuff

How am I feeling? Pretty good. Things got really shaky at 12:00 when I could not have a Diet Coke. And by shaky I mean I considered taking my own life, but I powered through. I didn't blink when they told me no coffee, I felt whiny about no chocolate, but the no Diet Coke thing? #thestruggleisreal

I did get really hungry after breakfast. I went from totally fine to "wow I need to eat or I am going to pass out". Yes, I was drinking plenty of water! Luckily, I had Women's Bible study, and knowing all the good treats there, I had packed some peanut butter + apples in case I was tempted. That turned out to be a good idea.

Since I have Spark (#lifesaver), I have no headaches. But I really drink mostly decaf coffee, so that's not too surprising. I am slightly hungry but not starving by any means, and the check list says I get another snack soon, so I'm sure I will be fine. The best news is that today I probably have eaten 100% healthier than I normally would have, and that's a big win.

I will keep you updated on how it goes! I promised I would post, but I also promised I would be honest, so you can expect more Diet Coke whining ahead. I'm also hoping to have some other people share their challenge experiences, so we may have some other perspectives, too! #TeamSassy


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