A Night with Abram and Jane

Last night, we watched our niece and nephew while my brother-in-law was out of town and my sister had dinner with a friend.

It is always an adventure, and there are no dull moments with those two. And here is what we learned last night.

1. Otis is an endless source of amusement. In the eyes of our nephew and niece, Otis is the silliest, funniest, and most entertaining thing on the planet. If you have met Otis, you know he is actually a fairly boring dog who loves bed time. But everything about Otis is fascinating to them. His tail. His food (which Abram calls "rocks"). The way he scratches with his hind leg (and Abram gets quite put out that I cannot make Otis do this on command over and over again). The way we can share our pillows, blankies, and snacks (wait, NO!) with Otis. Needless to say, Otis loves the kids. Not only does he like playing with them, he knows he will get some extra treats when they are around. I really wish I could have snuck a video of Abram playing "baseball" with Otis, because it was amazing.

2. If you decide to make giant gingerbread men with 2 pre-schoolers, one of them will make it with you while the other one munches on candy. Abram actually enjoyed the activity more than I thought he would, because he got to assemble something to match the picture on the box (like Legos, right?). He loved this. Jane only cared about the gingerbread man's hair. And munching on M&Ms.

3. The only thing worse than being FORCED to eat dinner is bed time. As the adult, you must use this wisely to your advantage.

4. Our house is not child proof. Lamps, laptops, computer mice, papers, scissors, nail files, wires, permanent markers, sewing kits and glass are all something these children got a hold of somehow, at some point last night. None of them were lying out, so they found them in their somewhat stashed away location. These items are now at various and random high locations in our house until further notice. Also, nothing was damaged, including the children.

5. The best toys at Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Robert's house are Otis, Uncle Robert's tablet (when he lets you play with it), the clip magnets on the fridge, the elliptical, the fan, the Porsche car dealership (are you really surprised that's the only real toy we have?), the porcelain cats, and Otis (again). Also, thank goodness for the Disney Channel via Video on Demand.

You may play with the tablet with Uncle Robert's supervision,a s pictured here.

6. No matter how much you beg, cry, explain Mommy lets you do it, or attempt to negotiate, Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Robert will not let you {3 and 1/2 year old nephew who is doing very well at potty training} sleep in their bed in your "big boy underwear". Pull-ups are not optional and you will wear one to sleep. End of story. You will lose this discussion every. single. time.

7. Loving these two is the best thing ever.


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