When did this become my life?

Yesterday, I got something [nice] for free. I was really excited about my free thing. I couldn't wait to go home and wear it.

Then, I realized [with shock]... that I was excited over a pair of sweatpants.

So, I did what any self-respecting panicked girl would do. I called my sister.
"Call them yoga-wear, and it's totally fine." She soothed me. Then we discussed Costco vs. Name Brand paper towels. Yes, we are cool and you totally should be jealous.

You see, I bought Robert's (and a few others) Christmas gifts on Black Friday and Dick's Sporting Goods. And I got a free $20 reward for my purchase. There were lots of Lady's Under Armour items I would have loved for working out. There were super great tennis shoes I could have used. Fleeces that I fawned over. But $20 only goes so far in the world of high end, over-priced sports wear.

I found a really nice, comfy pair of sweatpants on sale that my $20 would cover. They are actually pretty cute, for sweatpants (they are technically called "Fitness Training Pants"). They remind me of something I would throw on over my swimsuit and head to the beach in (in my younger days, when I lived by the beach). They are not something that I would be embarrassed to be wearing if you stopped by unexpectedly. Really, they were pretty nice and lounge-y, not... sloppy.

And yes, I would do yoga in them.
... So, it's okay, right?!
I also bought a pair of bright pink fleece gloves to match my winter coat (super cute)... and to ease the lameness of being excited over sweatpants.


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