Battle of the cosmetics

For my birthday, my wonderful sister gave me a gift that every girl loves - cheap cosmetics. Who doesn't want to try a new blush? So, I excitedly started wearing Elf blush in tickled pink.

I liked the blush so much that I decided to do a little experiment with my daily staples - my foundation primer, and my foundation. My face can shine through anything, and I have an odd undertone that is tough to match. I have tried so many combos of primer and foundation - pricey brands like MAC, Mary Kay, Clinique; cheap brands like Cover Girl and Physicians Formula. I really only have one that kinda works. That's Estee Lauder Idealist primer with Estee Lauder Double Wear Liquid foundation. I'm pretty happy with it on a daily basis, but I still get some shine through, and it's so expensive. 
Primer -  $60
Foundation - $25
Total - $85

So I bought the Rimmel #2 Face Primer/Mattifyer and the Elf Flawless Finish Liquid foundation.
Primer - $6
Foundation - $6
Total - $12

The result? It's almost the same. I do like the expensive stuff a little better, but the cheap stuff works. The drugstore combo gives me a great finish and it lasts pretty long. If I blot mid-day, it does 90% of what EL products do. So... that means I'd be willing to pay 10% more to get that extra 10%, but let's say I'd be willing to pay 15%.. that's $13.80, so I'd be willing to pay $14. Not $85. I LOVE the EL products, but... for $12? Elf & Rimmel will do. 

Do you have a cheap product you love? Or an expensive product you'll shell out your kidney for?

By the way, if you love natural products, check out my friend's Etsy shop {}. I use her nighttime face oil and it's lovely. Definitely worth every penny, especially since profits go to benefit orphans.


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