Let's shove it

My sweet friend wrote about body image today. It really made me stop and listen. I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I'm a health coach - I talk to people all day about weight loss. I go home - my husband is knocking it out of the park with his own goals, with me researching and cooking every step of the way to help him.

I currently have 3 work out DVDs I am rotating, along with the AFAA's posture exercises, along with my running/ellpitcal. I just finished reading "Wheat Belly" and "Why We Get Fat".

I had a moment last night when I was hungry, and between the workouts and the books and the everything, I felt paralyzed about trying to think of what to eat.

Yes. Paralyzed. Not so much in "this is going to make me fat" as it was, "everything is going to kill me - there is nothing I can eat right now." I think ate some chocolate.

It's easy to get worked up. It is good to be reminded that God designed us, and that what matters the most isn't how high I can rock star jump, how many carbs I didn't eat today, or why I cannot for the life of me get my minutes per mile any lower.

What matters is that He has chosen me.

When Rick was living with us, I was making us late one time when we were trying to leave for a family event. I think I had 20 outfits spread across the bedroom. Rick asked Robert what the hold up was, to which the answer was, "Chrissy cannot find anything to wear." I corrected him with, "No, everything I try to wear makes me look fat." Rick asked me a very simple question,
"Doesn't everyone coming to this thing love you?"
I became paralyzed again, and I answered, "Um, yeah sure."
"Then why does it matter?"
I left with whatever outfit I had on.

Rick was and is actually very active about reversing women's poor body images. In the most non-creepy-way ever, he would cut right through whatever it was that day and get me to just let it go. He will tell any of his female friends to shove it when they tear themselves down. Robert is a great husband and really tries to get me to stop picking at myself, but some times, I feel like he has to, you know? Like your mom has to say your piano solo was the best at the recital. Between Rick's positive attitude and his cooking, I gained 8 lbs when he lived us for - for real. He told me all the time to gain about 10 more, ha! He moved out and I lost it and then some more, but now I'm stuck at this point - the paralyzed point - and I think, "Maybe we need to take it down a notch."

I need to remember that what really matters is that everyone who is showing up in my life loves me, especially the One who made me, who loves me more than I could ever imagine.

And guys, let's shove it. Let's stop tearing ourselves down.


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