Pizza dough

Pizza night is a ritual in our house, and every Friday I make homemade pizza. If you are a guest in our home, I make you pizza, too! Homemade pizza is my favorite thing to eat, so when we got married, we decided to make it a weekly occurrence.

Now that we are eating low-carb and grain free, it's been challenging. In order to support my husband's commitment I have faithfully made him a low-carb pizza every week starting in February. The easiest way I found was a soy-flour crust. Since soy and I do NOT get along, I've also been making a normal crust for me and calling it my "one big cheat" a week. However, it's a lot of work to make 2 whole crusts. This week, I tried making an almond flour crust. I really should have taken a photo!

My sister let me buy some her almond flour so pizza crust was the first thing I was excited to try! It was pretty good. It doesn't quite taste the same as that yeasty-goodness of normal pizza crust, but it didn't taste "like a vegetable" and I could hold it with my hands, which is an accomplishment if you've ever baked anything grain-free.

I've found a couple more recipes that I'm excited to try -- and I may need some judges to help me determine the best one!

So why grain-free? We are both eating low-carb for weight loss and health. Whatever you probably know about "low carb" or "Atkins", throw it out the window. We eat plenty of vegetables and I eat fruit, though in moderation. We have both lost quite a bit of weight without having to count calories or increase exercise. The most challenging part of this is the first 2-3 weeks. Once you get into a routine and find what works for you, I don't find it any harder than eating "healthy". My biggest change was givnig up all those easy, processed goods and candy I bring for snacks and lunches. Now I bring nuts and half a Larabar for a morning snack, and I have a string cheese and some raw veggies for an afternoon snack. This is much, much better than some sugar-filled yogurt, granola bar, etc. I cannot believe how many veggies I eat now and how lazy I was before with my eating!

The best parts of eating low-carb and grain-free? I am not hungry, and when I am, I am usually filled easily with a simple protein shake or snack. No more counting down until the next time to eat! I have way more energy. My middle and belly, the place it's hardest for me to lose weight, has shrunk quite a bit! I've gotten to my current weight before when I've lost weight, but this is the only time I've gotten my core this small. Surprisingly, it's also pretty easy to stick to, unlike some other very restrictive diets. It's not without it's challenges (like the vegetarian wedding we went to this weekend), but I'm also not going to freak out if 10-20% of the time I let it go so I can have a fun time somewhere.

I never, ever thought we'd be "those people" who do things like "not eat processed goods" or avoid gluten or wheat. I also never thought we'd be able to lose this much and feel this good and be able to sustain it. So... success!

For the almond flour pizza crust I tried, go to...


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