cleaning it out

as i start to clear through and clean stuff out, as we prepare to move, i find myself asking over and over again...

why do we have this?

we have so. much. stuff.

i am 100% disgusted with my own materialism, my own belief that this stuff was worth our money when there are people in need. people who don't eat dinner. children who don't have diapers or formula. people who struggle to have a home.

and i have 3 coffee makers.


we need to downsize. right now. i'm not doing this anymore. i am not believing this lie any longer. i am not packing this stuff up and moving it. it's not worth my time to pack and unpack. it's not worth my time to keep up with this house. it's not worth our money to pay for a mortgage for a house much bigger than we need.

i feel almost sick looking around here. we have to change. we have to change for joe. we have to change for those people in need.

anyone else doing a clean out, both spiritually, physically, emotionally right now?


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