what's working: June & July

Sleep. Joe has been doing better at nights (though we still get up, don't be fooled). It's amazing how much a few hours of consistent sleep can change your life.

Family. In the wake of the sudden loss of Robert's dad, all of his siblings and their families came to town. It was such a comfort to be together. It was so fun to watch Joe interact with his aunts, uncles, and cousin. Seeing them all together, it may or may not have convinced this hyperemsis momma to consider giving Joe a sibling... one day. Via adoption.

Food. Our house got flooded with food & alcohol (we have good friends). I've been cooking and baking. A hot dinner can go a long way.

Letting go. I feel like I will always view Joe's first year of life as before Don died and after Don died. After Don died, I stopped caring. I don't care about naps, a schedule, sleep props, breastfeeding, or anything. I make Joe eat much as possible and try to help him sleep when I know he needs to sleep. I don't really worry about anything else.

Real food. Joe loves real food. Avocados, sweet potatoes, green beans, eggs - Joe adores these. He tries regularly to drink my coffee and diet coke and looks down right angry at us when we don't feed him things he cannot chew because he does not have teeth. He hates breastfeeding and hates bottles.

Coffee. Pregnancy and lots of nursing kept my coffee drinking down until recently. Coffee is really, really  good, people. I missed it so much.

Less internet. Our internet has been goofy. One day it was off the whole morning... and I got so much done. So I've been trying to cut back on mindless internet time.

Yoga and walking. It's nice to move again. I miss running but don't sleep enough to do it right now... so we will wait.


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