his intentions for me are good

I was reading the book of Esther.

Because I was so. tired. of everything feeling so hard.

What was the call we received? Why isn't our follow through working? Why is our life like this? Are we living accidentally or intentionally? What if it is accidentally and we can't change it?

I was casually talking to a licensed therapist today about our life - she was at a Q&A session at MOPs - and she asked if I wanted to schedule a session. That really made me feel great about our life.

When I read Esther's story, I feel like a lot of things that happened to her weren't exactly easy.

Virginity given to the King because he's mad at his wife.
King happens to be of skeptical character.
People are trying to kill her one remaining family member.
She doesn't know what to do.
She's of a race that someone is out to destroy. She has to keep who she is a secret.
She has to risk her life multiple times to try to save herself. Oh, and her entire nation.

I think a therapist would ask her if she wanted some therapy, too.

Honestly, I am not sure I would want Esther's story to be mine. Yes, it ends with a happily ever after, but those means aren't very pretty.

My means aren't very pretty these days.

I read the book of Esther over and over. There was a message that stood out to me went beyond the heroics of a faithful woman. The message that stood out to me was his intentions for me are good.

Joseph said it to his brothers - you gave me evil, God meant it for good.
At every hard thing in Esther's life, I see that God's intentions for her and for his people are good.

I am reminding myself of that truth as we face the hard things.

Surely, goodness and mercy will follow me.


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