Why I'm rocking the bun today

I haven't slept 8 hours since... uh... yeah. So last night, when Robert and I passed out shortly after getting home and getting settled, I dragged myself out of bed with the bare minimum time to get us out the door. So I'm rocking a fashionable "It's-so-humid-I-wasn't-going-to-spend-30-minutes-convincing-my-hair-to-be-pretty-for-10-minutes-besides-isn't-I-didn't-try-not-in?" bun. To achieve this look, shower as normal. Only don't wash your hair all the way. That takes too much work. Then, brush hair out, use a smoothing cream. Blow dry the front of your hair so what's around your face looks nice. Then pull hair back as in making a pony-tail. Wad hair on the back of your head and secure with a hair tie. Hello, Gorgeous.

We went to Indianapolis this weekend for Easter. We both had Good Friday off, which was GREAT because it meant we could leave Thursday night, allowing us an extra day in Indy. We didn't get in until 1:00am EST because I got stuck at work (which was really dumb, but... whatever).

Little did I know, I would be getting no sleep the entire weekend. It was all so worth it.

After a mere 6 hours of steady sleep on my first night, I grabbed a quick shower, drank some coffee and headed out for jean shopping with the best sister ever, my 3 year old nephew and 1 year old niece. The very first thing Abram said to me upon arrival was, "Where's Uncle Robert?" I almost said, "Hey! If it weren't for me, you'd have no Uncle Robert" until I realized how incredibly stupid that sounded. Instead I said, "Uncle Robert is sleeping, and then he's taking a nap." Abram seemed to accept his, but only after we assured him Uncle Robert would show up tomorrow at his house.

Shopping was a great success and I had a great time. I miss days like that now that we live away. I'm not going to lie, though, I really thought I was going to pass out by the time I met up with my in-laws for lunch. Have you ever seen a kid passed out in a high chair, food still in hand? Yeah, it felt like that.

I did sneak a nap in so I didn't fall asleep during church. It's a Tenebrae service and they keep turning down the lights for more darkness, so nap was necessary. To learn about the Tenebrae read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tenebrae. Then we went out for dinner with our wonderful friends, Nathan and Alia. Which I managed to stay awake for and enjoy. We made it home by 10:30, and really only stayed up until 11-something chit-chatting with family.

More dogs waking me up (bad Otis, bad), but another great day of celebration, family time, and eating. Then I stayed up late talking with R, Mandy, and Steve. It was so nice. Seriously. Having a sister is really, really great. I'm not sure Andrew would agree with me, but it's majority rules here, and it's us against him.

Then I was woken up at around 5:00am to my husband experiencing death or something very close to it. We avoided a trip to the ER with my enormous stash of over-the-counter-drugs and my husband's trooper attitude. All I can say is, I'm so proud of him. For those of you who do not know, my wonderful husband has a not wonderful back injury. We call him "broken". I say that I got him at a discount price because he was in the scratch-and-dent section. In any case, this brings with it a myriad of exciting experiences which maybe I'll blog about at another date. All you need to know is 1. it was horrible 2. he's better now 3. I slept less than 6 hours.

Easter Sunday was wonderful. I love the whole Easter weekend, from Good Friday through Sunday. It seems to me to be such a perfect example of what our faith is all about. We did 2 Easter lunches. The second one involved me watching over brother-in-law Rob's shoulder as they all played Euchre to refresh my skills. Maybe I'll remember and next time be willing to play. Truthfully, I think even if I was an expert player I would have been too tired to concentrate.

All in all, and very nice time.

Oh, and this morning, I had to drag Otis out of bed before I left for work. He was wiped out after getting spoiled rotten and having a cousin-dog to play with. And though I know he's sleeping in his dog house right now and I envy him, I did feel like I got my payback. :)

More pictures to follow!

This is a picture of the shoes Mandy and I found while shopping. Ann Taylor Loft, $15. YAY!


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