Friday's Fun Things

Things we are LOVING right now.

1) Kate Middleton's wedding dress.
For real. Other people can hate it, but I loved it (along with Pippa, way to go, girl). But really, a make-up artist would have been such a better idea than DIY.

2) Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.
WHY DID I EVER WEAR OTHER STUFF? It looks nice after I work out.
(Nordy's has a gift with purchase and I can hook you up if you need a sales person to help you!)

3) New Pantene Pro-V products.
They were on sale, I was out, and I've been really happy with my hair. My favorites are the Color Hair Solutions for shampoo and conditioner. To get my hair to look, uh, decent every day, I'm loving this trifecta...
- Curly Hair Solutions Anti-Frizz Straightening Cream
- Fine Hair Heat Protection Shine Spray
- Fine Hair Touchable Volume Hair Spray
And they were 3 / $10 at K-Mart, so DEAL!

4) Publix.
I love everything about Publix. It's clean, the staff know things, are jumping at the bit to help you, they are polite, they have the best produce, they carry things that are impossible to find, and... they have deals.
BOGO free is... amazing? Add BOGO free with a coupon... and get Dove deodorant for $1somthing each. Summer is coming, and smelly is NOT IN.

5) Metallic flat sandals. See previous post for pictures.

6) Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Clear polish.
I wasn't a believer, but I used it and was amazed.
My nails are stronger, longer, and perfectly glossy.
And I've been biting them less. I actually keep it at my desk at work.

7) Cheap summer tops!!!!!!
- Kohl's SO v-neck t-shirts.
Super flattering and cute colors.
AND THEY ARE $5 BEFORE ANY COUPONS. Uh... how easy is that?
Loving stripes and solids.
Here is the link to solids, in EVERY color you could want!
- Old Navy's Yoga Tops
BOGO half right now. I love that the sports bra is only tacked, not attached to the top. Maybe there is some woman's body out there somewhere that fits with the built-in kind, but it's not me. I would totally wear the black one in public during the summer.

That's it for this week's amazing things. Have a great weekend!


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