Bring Your Otis to Work Day

Look! I'm going to work!

Yesterday, when my boss said, at 2:30pm, "Hey, I'm going to Georgia tomorrow. Could you, like, clear the schedule?" I felt like saying a lot of things, but instead said, "Yeah, okay." So, it became...

Bring your Otis to work day!!!!!!!!!

Otis did such a good job. It was just me and the nurse today, and she was very impressed with Otis' behavior. She kept asking me how she could get her kids to behave like that. My only suggestions, not being a real-momma, were Benadryl and obedience school.

He did lots of sleeping, but was very polite and friendly to our nurse, post man, and drug reps. They all loved him and commented on what a pretty, kind boy he is.
He was obviously the life of the party.

Rosa could not believe how well he listened, how quiet he was, or how close he stayed to me. He seriously just trotted behind me all day. He was also a very patient dog when Momma ran a few errands at lunch. He waited in the car and left really nice doggie-nose-marks all over my windows. Windex and I have a date later.

Anyway, the party was not meant to be, as apparently Otis finds my job very boring.

So boring he pretended to be dead for most of the day. That's his towel and water bowl, obviously both very necessary. You can see how much he cared about either.

We had a lot of fun. It was sort of therapeutic to have him around - I can see why people like jobs where they can bring their dog with them. I can't imagine how I'd manage it with the circus it normally is at the office, but it was fun for today.

As a reward for being such a good Otis, Momma let him ride with the window down on the way home.

Which, combined with his super-exciting day, wore him out. He has never, not even after a 6 hour moving trip in my car, slept lying down in the back seat like that.

He is now on his living room pillows, peacefully sleeping, a completely content Otis. Maybe one day I'll work at a place that is more dog-friendly. I will admit, I was really proud of him.


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