Monday - Part II

Last Monday, Robert was rear-ended. His truck was still drivable. On the Friday before that, yours truly was given a very, very unfortunately speeding ticket. I actually felt really badly, because 1. I was on a road I never take 2. I really, really didn't mean to be going that fast. 3. I HAVE car insurance, I had PROOF of car insurance, but it wasn't the right kind. Now guess who has to go to court? Lucky me! And my car, my no-drama-Honda, is making a funny noise.

So this Monday, after my interesting morning thus far, I get a call from my husband. His truck broke down and is being towed to the dealership. Is it wrong to pray that the part that is broken is the one under warranty? I know there are people who don't have food to eat, so that prayer feels kind of wrong.

To make this situation more interesting, we have a guest coming this weekend who needs to borrow a car. This wasn't a problem back when we had 3 working vehicles. Let's hope they get Robert's truck fixed quickly, Robert gets better to take a look at my car soon, and that nothing else goes wrong. Or we'll all be sharing the Boxster by this weekend, and it's a two-seater.

Oh, and I just had a patient who needed a note for work. But not in her name. In the name she uses "at work". Like, her stolen identity. I doubt she even understands what a stolen identity is and for all I know, it's a family member that gave her this ID so she could work legally. What do I even say? What would you do?


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