Who knew?

Apparently, ordering lunch for four people is... impossible. Getting everyone to pick what they want and circle it on a pre-printed menu? Very challenging. Keep in mind, we are ordering from Panera. Here were the most difficult parts:

Person1: I wish that didn't have "x" item in the dish. That's really what I want.
Me: Uh, okay.
Person1: What a bummer. What should I get?
Me: Um... that, without x?
Person1: Wait, where is the pear salad?
Me: What pear salad?
Person1: Why isn't it on here?
Me: I just printed the menu from online. You can call and ask if they have a pair salad.
Person1: I really wanted that. I thought they had it?
Me: Why don't you call and ask?
Person1: No, I'll just get this instead. Why isn't the pear salad on here?
Me: (pretends like there is work on the computer I must do)

Person2: Oh, this sounds good. Thanks.
Me: You want a cookie?
Person2: Yeah... of course. Thanks.
Person1: Wait, I want that instead! (crosses off initial order with modifiers and circles new one)
Person2: I'm done.
Person1: Ugh, that comes with "y". Now what?
Me: Wait, what sides do you all want?
Person2: Whole wheat bread.
Person1: French bread. Aren't all breads the same anyway? Like bread is bread?
Me: Just get what you want.

Person3: I want the Italian one.
Me: The Italian one what?
Person3: Sandwich. I like my sandwiches hot and with crisp bread and Italian meats.
Me: (thinking, I'm not making the sandwich, just ordering it) Look at this menu. The Italian combo?
Person3: Yes. With chips.
Me: Okay. You know that's not hot?
Person3: That's fine. Oh, and soup.
Me: What kind of soup?
Person3: I don't know... can you find out which kinds they have?
Me: Sure.

In other news, we had a wonderful guest this weekend, but I'll blog about that later.

Also, I think every patient today is trying to make me want to strangle them. Is it wrong to feel like you may strangle a pregnant person for being repeatedly rude to you? And for somehow managing, when they are worried and have a problem to come in right away with no problems, but when you try normally to schedule them an appointment she can only come in at 8:30 on Thursday and freaks out and acts likes it's your fault that she can't come in any other time?

Let's say I'm looking forward to Panera for lunch :).


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