We laugh a lot around here.

Robert came home today, walked into the kitchen, and paused as he came upon this sight...
...and sort of snorted-laughed to himself.
"What?" I asked, looking confused.
"Um... I know I told you to use your Spanish to try to make some good money, but really Chrissy..." He responded.

That's right. There was a scale and a couple hundred dollars in cash, neither of which we had when he left for work today.

My explanation? The scale isn't mine, and the money is from my drugs.

Both of which are true, none of which are illegal, and all of which cracked us up. The scale was actually something I borrowed to make his (non-drugged) birthday cake, and the money was a refund from an Rx that our insurance screwed up.

We were laughing so hard. You can't make this up.
And really, this blog does not condone illegal or drug related activity.


  1. That is kinda a funny combination! :). And when's his birthday?

  2. Robert's birthday is on September 25. :)


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