Happy Thanksgiving!

Are you excited for Turkey Day?
I am.

I told you in Unashamed Love that it was the first of a few (http://chrissysdullmoments.blogspot.com/2011/11/unashamed-love.html). My last post should have been post II, and I forgot to tag it.

This is post III.
Child Like Faith and Honest Praise
This is my last Thanksgiving at the house on Stockard Street.

I have loved spending Thanksgiving with my sister in Indianapolis pretty much since she got married and moved here. And now, on Stockard Street, I am less than 10 minutes away.

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for those years. The years in college when I was in a dark place, and I would come down to Indianapolis and be alleviated from it for a while. I would make the drive down, get in late, hug Mandy and Steve, and crawl into that perfect guest bed that they have. And breathe.

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for period from 2008-now. Yes, we were in TN last year, but it feels like a tiny blip on the radar. I am grateful for the chance to have woken up nearly every day for a year in a house where I was loved, challenged, taken care of, and laughed constantly. For Rob not giving up on me when I wasn't ready to let people close, and still managing to become one of my best friends. For Mandy and Steve saving my financial butt. For the ability to hold Abram almost everyday when he was a baby.

I am grateful that when I met and married Robert, he lived less than 10 minutes away.
I am grateful for the house on Stockard Street, for my last year here.

Am I scared now? Nervous? Of course. But I never could have imagined this life for myself, these past years, so who I am to limit what could be coming?

So today, I will be grateful for what is and what has been. And I will brace myself (in a good way) for the changes that I am sure will bring a slew of dull moments.

You are worthy
of a child like faith

of my honest praise
of my unashamed love.


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