At this point

At this point, I have been baking enough that it's getting out of hand. By out of hand, I mean that Robert looked close to tears when he got the Quicken for our groceries. However, he looked pretty excited about that cupcake last night...

We are hosting our church community group tonight, so I volunteered to make the treats. I like to try new things on people (so I'm not stuck with all that junk if I don't like it). As I try to do when baking for large groups, one is dairy/peanut/chocolate free. The other one is deadly delicious.

I made these 2 recipes:
Dark Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Buttercream frosting

Orange Cookies

A few notes...
The cupcakes are awesome. I mean, heavy and moist and rich and not overwhelming. I didn't do the cream cheese frosting (Because I just don't like it. And if I'm making homemade cupcakes, I'm going to like them.). I did a vanilla butter cream, which was lovely. Also, I thought I was being so smart by putting my chips on top the cupcakes before I baked them, so they didn't sink to the bottom. This batter is a force to be reckoned with, and the chips did not sink AT ALL. So fold them in like the recipe says. I used Kroger Private Selection Dark Chocolate Chunks.

I am very excited to use the cupcake stand Robert got me for Christmas for the first time. I'll try to take a photo.

The orange cookies are very subtle. The dough isn't too sweet, so if you don't want to frost them, this isn't the cookie for you. I did refrigerate my dough while I made the cupcakes, and my cookies were perfect and tiny and didn't spread. Her recipe for the glaze is good, but I found it so very runny, and not enough to satisfy my need for a ton of icing. I kept adding powdered sugar and juice until it stayed on the cookies when poured. To give it something special, I squeezed a blood orange's juice into the glaze before switching to normal OJ. I always use Simply Orange and I highly recommend it. These little guys bake fast, so keep an eye on them. Mine were done in about 6 minutes.

Bible study never sounded so yummy, right?!

A note: these photos are not mine. Thanks!


  1. Those cupcakes sound amazing! What recipe did you use for your frosting...I HATE cream cheese frosting. Glad I'm not the only one ;)


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