This face

We've been busy.
We've had repair people coming through the house.
We've had a lot go on.

But this face.
Is so sweet.
Is always loyal, trusting, and faithful.
Never holds a grudge.
Makes me forgive him even when he's been a pain.

Somedays, this face gives me just a little bit of sanity when I can't find any.

PS: As a doggie-momma, I constantly amazed at how much people love Otis. Family, friends, guests, the repair guy, people we walk by in the neighborhood adore this dog. I guess he's one of the many things I take for granted. Sorry, buddy. I'll try to be better.


  1. oh man ... that is one cute face! aren't dogs the best? beans is currently taking care of me and my kidney stone (yes...another one!)...if ry can't be here, there's no one else i'd rather take care of me than beans :)


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