This guy I married

The more I talk to other people, the more I realize Robert is a surprising genius. 

Other people are always telling me how great his solutions are, how he fixed something no one else could, how he was way funnier than they thought. {I'm allowed to brag about him, right?!}

Today, I am grateful for the fact that Robert is a financial genius. And he is a financial genius that married a financial idiot.

In a room of co-workers today, I was the only person who did not assume a car payment was a permanent way of life. That, my friends, is financial genius. I knew more about financial planning than any of them. Me, the financial idiot -- all because I married him!

A few weeks ago, I told Robert I could not handle the way we did our budget anymore. Like, I hated it.

Robert, who hates change and has been doing the budget the same way for 10 years, re-vamped the whole system for me. And now, I am excited (which almost never happens when it comes to the topic of budgeting). It's a great system, and we are making it up together, and doing it together, which is awesome. He never complained or dragged his feet - he just fixed it in a way that worked for both of us.

I had an awful day yesterday. Robert was so patient, kind, and really encouraged me.

He always ends up making me laugh. Even after the worst days.

So even if he's not a genius, he's the perfect one for me. I am so, so grateful.


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