Let's be serious

Hi everyone.
I try not to make this a political blog.
Because that ruins everything, doesn't it?
If you want to have lunch with me, we can chat politics.
But not like this.

However, I think this is important. I have a friend from college whose brother works for Invisible Children, which is responsible for the KONY2012 video. I know there is controversy. I know it isn't perfect. I get it. But we aren't perfect people, so imperfect results happen.

The following is an email from my friend regarding the current situation. Please pray about this. I think it's something much bigger than us, and I think we need to take a moment and fight it. Regardless of IC's controversy, their point is valid.  Having been to Africa and seen the struggles there (though not this particular place or struggle), I can say that my heart aches for this situation. I can also say that it can be a very oppressive place spiritually, so I think what my friend is saying below is accurate.

If this bothers you, this just disregard it. I have no interest in debating anything about this over the blogsphere.

- - -
I have a prayer request that is dealing with some crazy spiritual warfare.  My brother {} works for Invisible Children, the organization that recently put out the video KONY2012.  The video has gone viral and they've been all over every piece of news media.  Unfortunately, the message got lost on some critics and Invisible Children and it's people have come under attack, specifically Jason Russell, the film's narrator and the organization's founder. Jason is a devoted Christian, as is many of the staff at Invisible Children.

As you may have heard in today's news, Jason recently cracked under all of the pressure and had a public mental breakdown involving vandalism and nudity.  He wasn't arrested because he was in such a manic state that he had to be sent directly to the hospital, most likely the psych ward.  The repercussions of this mental break are hard to think about: the end of Jason's career, the ruin of Invisible Children, the loss of the cause's legitimacy, Kony losing the spotlight and getting away because of a focus shift.  Unfortunately, this breakdown may literally affect the lives of thousands of people both here and in Central Africa.

I mentioned at the start that this is regarding spiritual warfare.  From the moment KONY2012 went viral, IC and its people have been under a constant vicious attack.  For those of us close to the organization, it is hard to understand the attacks because of the integrity of the cause: arresting a man who has kidnapped 30,000 children and killed thousands more over the last 30 years, destroying everything in Central Africa. But it is becoming clear that the true issue at hand is Satan himself getting worried because good is on the verge of prevailing.  Joseph Kony is one of Satan's nearest and dearest; the fact that the world suddenly took notice of him and wanted to end his 30 year killing spree has set the Evil One off. Unfortunately, Jason, now a very public figure, became his prey.

Jason is already on the cover of The Huffington Post and the story can only grow.  Jason, Invisible Children, and all of its constituents, including the people of Central Africa, need our prayers.  Please, please, please pray that the power of Christ will overcome this wave of evil and He will again take power of His people.
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