So this is 3 & a mini photo album

Chrissy: Robert!!!!! I need you!!!!
Robert: What is it? Do you need money?
Chrissy {indignant}: No. Why would you say that?
Robert: When you need me, it's only one of a few things.

Chrissy {smugly}: Well, I don't need money.
Robert: Do you need me to get something off of a high shelf for you?
Chrissy {indignant}: NO!
Robert: Well, that was my next guess.
Chrissy {sheepishly}: Actually... I need you to open this jar. 
Robert: I should have known.

This, friends, is my reflection of 3 years of marriage. Two people who always laugh, two people who know each other all too well, and two people who would do anything for each other. Happy anniversary to my left-brained, logical, predictable, supportive, good-humored, patient, and incredibly loving husband. We've crammed enough not-so-dull moments for a lifetime into 3 years -- I can't wait to see what's next.

 Photo 1: Engagement, 2009

Photo 2: Fundraiser, 2012 (we don't look that different, right?)
Photo 3: First dance. He still looks at me like that...

Photo 4: ...but some times, he looks at me like this        {I deserve it... usually...}

Photo 5: The best people we could ask for (btw, my sister is 9 months pregnant here and she looks amazing)

 Photo 6: I'm smiling here because he is now stuck with me forever.
Photo 7: He is smiling here because he does not yet know what that entails.

Photo 8: Thank you, Nathan. Thank you.


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