Lord, unto me

When I wrote earlier this week (it feels like forever ago) about finding God's faithfulness in things I worry about, I didn't leave it there. 

I decided to pray more. No, for real, I'm not just saying that. Inspired by a quote my Aunt Susan shared with me, I decided to make a calendar of all my biggest worries and commit a day to pray for them. 

"Worship and worry cannot exist at the same time in the same heart. 
They are mutually exclusive." Ruth Graham.

I said, okay, replace worry with worship.

Yesterday (and in the days before), only days after this, we received quite a bit of good news around the Brack house. Frequently our less-than-dull-moments tend to err on the side of just straight up bad news. 

We found out that my grandmother's medication is working! Though it is clear that there is no cure for her cancer, she is well again like she hasn't been in years. I hate to call cancer a blessing, but they found so much of what was ailing her, and they were able to get her on medications that allow her to eat, which allows her to restore her energy, which has apparently made her become much more like her old self. 

We got an offer on our house that needs to be sold! There could be a light at the end of our tunnel with moving, living in multiple places, paying all over the place for residencies. 

Robert's job got some good news, too. It's too detailed to explain, but at least the company is moving forward in ways we were promised when we moved to Nashville for his career.

My sister and her husband got some excellent news about their newest business project. It's not my information to share, so I won't, but let me tell you, it is praise worthy!

Rick and Emmett came over last night, too. Originally, we scheduled this night as a good-bye, knowing Emm was going to have to go back to his mother's after his {all too short} month here in Indy. Again, it's not my story to tell, so I won't... but he's here for now. He's not going back for quite some time -- longer than that if we can help it.We all were so ecstatic.

When Emm walked over to the place where we used to keep a big bin of toys, he looked up, both bewildered and hurt and said, "My toys?!"

In that moment, I saw God's faithfulness. I saw how Emmett remembered us, remembered his place in our lives, and had some type of expectation that he was provided for and loved. 

In that moment, I saw myself, looking up, totally bewildered and God saying, "Hey, it's okay, I just had to move the toys upstairs." Well, metaphorically. 

All I hath needed, thy hand hand hath provided.
Great is thy faithfulness
Lord, unto me.

PS: I'm still doing the prayer calendar. Want to join?


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