Resolutions and life

Happy New Year! That's late... sorry.

As a health coach, I hear people say, "Okay, I'm getting started now, I'm going to do ____ now that we have a new year."
While I am not a fan of resolutions (just do it -- apparently, I am a fan of Nike's slogan), I understand the feel of a fresh start and the excitement of new things.

So what's new?

Trying to be messy.

That's my new list. We started eating more homemade soup. It's low-calorie, easy for me to prepare, and ready when we are home. A normal recipe lasts us about  week, making my cooking post-work so much better!

Shoes. I am trying minimalist/barefoot shoes. This is a huge, frustrating process. I keep reading reviews and trying things on, asking questions... it's highly personal, and I'm really picky. I love running. I love exercise. I've worn pretty expensive, fancy running shoes for years. When my co-worker gave the gospel of minimalist shoes, it was like hearing things I just thought were weird about me. I have a high arches and roll to the outside of my foot (no one else does that). I have {really} narrow feet. I hit mid-foot naturally when I walk. I lean toward flat but supportive shoes when I'm bumming around. So the idea of a shoe that aims to take pressure off my heel, support my arch, keep my strike forward, hug my {narrow} feet... well, it made sense to me. I felt like saying, "Wait, is that an option?" I tried walking around in some New Balance ones last night, but the box hit me funny so I think those are out. I'm a fan of Brooks now, so I think I'm going to give the PureConnect a try. Do you use barefoot/minimalist shoes? Tell me your experience. And know there is zero chance of me ever wearing shoes that define my toes individually. I will walk in 4" heels first.

Workouts. I've done enough education/research in effective workouts for work to realize mine fall short. So my new work-out challenge? Do more, go harder, commit all the way. Less mindless-elliptical-ing. I'm using more random aspects to increase effectiveness. I'm doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred (she is NOT joking around, guys). I'm running (when there isn't ice everywhere). So far, I'm really liking it. 

Being messy. I am trying to let go of some aspects of my neat-freak tendencies. Weird resolution, right? But there are just more important things in life than total domestic perfection. And while I'm almost in pain at the clutter currently around my laptop, I'm trying to let go. AHHH! I just reached to put something away. See?! I need help. I can't let go, and it's sort of a weird problem. So I'm working through some cognitive behavior change with myself and trying to learn to embrace the little messes that are left and not feel anxious They will get cleaned up, and in good time. Like right now. I really have to organize this desk.

Are you changing? How? 


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